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Pain level rating

Start rating those accidents videos
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We all have received those videos by email or seen on YouTube with people having accidents. Some are hilarious, others could be if it wasn't so obvious that the people involved either had serious injuries or even died. This functionality would allow each scene to be classified according to a pain/consequence scale from 0 - Didn't hurt to 10 - Died, including levels for broken limbs, paraplegic and tetraplegic.
PauloSargaco, May 30 2012

Dismount Games http://jet.ro/dismount/
A person is enouraged by the user to "dismount" from various positions, the more pain, the better the score. [zen_tom, May 31 2012]

Insect equivalent scale http://en.wikipedia...dt_Sting_Pain_Index
Pain level of insect bites [PainOCommonSense, May 31 2012]


       Who annotates? Every youtube video I see where something bad happens, there are an equal number of people saying "cmon guys they dyed" and "glad nobody got hurt!!!11one!" Sometimes it is hard to figure out what the aftermath actually was.
DIYMatt, May 30 2012

       The rating should combine standard biofeedback measurements from people watching the video with standard measurements that can be mined from the video, (eg: body part x which has a hit point rating of y came into contact with an object that had z dimensions and a q surface and probably weighed w amount, at y miles per hour etc.) This could be combined with real life measurements to standardize pain. great idea. you are all still going to hell.
JesusHChrist, May 31 2012

       Reading a [beanie] idea = 11-15
UnaBubba, May 31 2012


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