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Beer Garments

When the hat is simply not enough
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Clothing of various cuts and types that have elastic pockets specifically designed for holding beer cans and/or bottles. Above the pockets, leading to the part of the garment nearest the wearer's head, loops are sewn to hold a long straw. Pant straws are linkable to shirt straws, etc., and all garments come pre-sewn with extra loops, for addition of more beer garments and their accompanying straws. Beer shoes, beer socks, beer pants, beer shirt and beer necktie straws all lead to a small frame that sits on the shoulders, much like a harmonica holder, so that individual straws may be sipped at the garment-wearer's discretion.
CaptainClapper, Sep 17 2009

If you are carying that much beer around you really should have a belt... http://2.bp.blogspo...2Bbeer%2Bholder.jpg
...or two. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 17 2009]

Drinks_20Bandolier you might want one of these [xenzag, Sep 18 2009]


8th of 7, Sep 17 2009

       [21Q] not a good idea with carbonated beverages, but a mobile beermeister is not impossible, especially if you accept the European like of warm beer. You do need a major rework of the mouth switch. Add in some CO2 cartridges and you are almost there.   

       Wine seems acceptable these days if stored in the correct packaging. I hear even fine wine have found some purchase in this venue due to the blockage of oxidation even after opening.   

       I personally used to carry Schnapps for skiing trips in similar carriage.
MisterQED, Sep 18 2009

       I want to see the complete beer suit. And then combine with a bear-proof suit.   

       If the Man in the Beer-Bear Suit ever met Chuck Norris, the entire universe would annihilate itself from pure awesomeness.
Bootbuckles, Aug 11 2010


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