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Locklets of Love

It's not how much you give, its how much love you give it with.
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Locks of Love is an organization which receives long locks of hair and fashions them into prosthetic hair devices for children. Locks of Love holds out for long locks, which many do not have to give. I propose a sister organisation, "Lockletts of Love" which would receive donations of smaller amounts of hair, stray individual hairs, and bristles. These would be fashioned into smaller hair accessories such as hair extensions, merkins, and false eyebrows.
bungston, Jul 10 2006

Locks of Love http://www.locksoflove.org/
Painfully slow to load. [bungston, Jul 10 2006]

the hair trade http://observer.gua.../0,,1805328,00.html
[po, Jul 11 2006]

longest hair in the world... http://news.bbc.co....pacific/3829821.stm
[xandram, Jul 11 2006]

Long Hair Site http://www.tlhs.org
(not-quite-fetish) long hair appreciation site [csea, Jul 11 2006]


       +as long as you are not making fun of this. I have often wanted to donate my hair and although my hair is over 12" long, I think it would make for a real short haircut!
xandram, Jul 10 2006

       rings of grey stubble - I like it. +
xenzag, Jul 10 2006

       So I just empty my electric razor into a bag and mail it to you?
fridge duck, Jul 10 2006

       [xandram] - I misread you as saying your hair was 12 feet long. I was going to request a photo.
wagster, Jul 11 2006

       [wagster] I wish it was!! I'll look for the link with the guy who has the longest hair in the world. It's like 20 feet long or something.   

       found it and posted it.
xandram, Jul 11 2006

       I would like to point out to [po] that trading hair is much easier for folks who have hair that is readily detachable / regluable.
bungston, Jul 11 2006

       are you saying that you have a wig?
po, Jul 11 2006

       /are you saying that you have a wig?/   

       Of sorts.
bungston, Jul 11 2006

       so its a BAD wig? yuk!
po, Jul 11 2006

I gotta drainful of love to give, baby. What's the mailing address?
m_Al_com, Jul 14 2006

       [xandram] that hair is a polish plait, which is really quite nasty and tends to stink. Urgh.
david_scothern, Jul 14 2006

       I think he's far enough away from me so I won't have to smell it....   

       It's still some pretty long hair.
xandram, Jul 14 2006


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