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Logan's Run 30th Birthday Card

Say Happy Birthday with just a hint of irony
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You know that old movie, Logan's Run, where citizens of a futuristic world were killed on their 30th birthday? Well I suggest a birthday card for the discerning sci-fi nerd or person with a sick sense of humour which features the movie prominently.

Oh the irony.

kanes, Mar 15 2004


       Of course in the book they died at 21, so really there's double the marketing opportunity.
kropotkin, Mar 15 2004

       Ha! I'd buy that for a dollar.
sambwiches, Mar 15 2004

       Irony? Is this an instance Alanis Morisette style meta-irony, or has my addled brain lost all concept of run of the mill irony?
calum, Mar 15 2004

       Ooh I forgot. There's news of a remake. I smell even more $$$$. If Hallmark want to contact me, they know where to find me.
kanes, Mar 15 2004

       or, you're dead?
dpsyplc, Mar 15 2004


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