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Lottery scratch ticket birthday card

Get lucky on your birthday
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My girlfriends grandmother always brings out lottery scratch cards after Christmas dinner. Now, personally I would never purchase one but I enjoying playing it with the family. This way she can spend 5 bucks per person and give us the excitement of winning something.

I'd love to see this idea fuse with birthday cards. Hallmark could partner with a lottery company and allow me to purchase a birthday card with a witty copy like “happy birthday. Put your scratching to better use” and a lottery scratch ticket stuck on the inside.

nomadic_wonderer, Jan 02 2008


       sp: "birfday". "put yer scratchin' ta gad youse"
Pre-empts a [UnaBubba] napalm attack with one of his own.

       This could be followed by, as the recipient graduates (possible not through any schooling process but merely) through his/her meaningless life: I'r hope daidy geeves me tho keys to the '69 Pikup this here year.   

       Or layderr by: Nite skeetin' sure ais a lotta fun, hope daidy lets me shoot un o' his cainons tanite.   

       This brings up a point illustrated last year. I would consider it more of a gift receiving an empty box o' chokolaits, than a fucking meaningless lottery ticket. Chuck the price of a lottery ticket in some bum's can, that way at least you know he doesn't only get a small percentage of the small percentage of distributed funds.
4whom, Jan 02 2008


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