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Login screen with subject field

A login screen or a screensaver as well with a task list... a kind of.
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In the society there exists a computer addiction problem.

Yesterday I was talking with my friend of as how he spends his time with computer. He says "I don't have any particular attraction to the computer - I turn it on only when I exactly know what I want to do, and I turn it off when I'm done."

I thought, why couldn't there be special login screen which automatized that. You simply had to enter what you are logging on for, much like when you have write a subject in an email that you are sending.

For those multitaskers there should be possible to enter more than one task, otherwise frequent re-login would be necessary.

Inyuki, May 17 2005


       //You simply had to enter what you are logging on for, much like when you have write a subject in an email that you are sending.//   

       I rarely ever put subjects in my emails.
finrod, May 17 2005

       I do it only when I really need to specify the subject for someone to see it quickly what the email is about or so... Anyway... I really like my friend's habit about using computers, it would be good to find a way to make a computer itself teach it to its users...
Inyuki, May 17 2005

       And I often try to cram the entire email into the subject line. Some people hate that. Others like it.
bristolz, May 17 2005

       Wow! I used to behave just the way you do, bristolz, until some of my friends started to complain that their email provider truncates it! :(
Inyuki, May 18 2005

       I mentioned something like this on another idea for an OS. What I wanted was an OS that didn't just cater to different users, but to different activities for that user. If I'm doing coding or data analysis I want a different setup to that for writing and creating presentations, and another one still for net stuff. But not be excluded from doing all three at once.
Detly, May 18 2005

       ... and you get a lot of mail from someone caller 'mailer daemon', right, [IT]?   

       I used to try and solve this problem by having different profiles for different tasks, but ti all got a bit tedious.   

       <rant> I loathe logging in, it is the bane of my life. At work I have two computers (one UNIX station for CAD, and one normal machine). After ten minutes, each one locks up (this is an admin setting I can't change). Now I regularly have to move between the two, so I spend my entire life typing in two different passwords at ten+ minutes' intervals. I'm currently lobbying for a fingerprint-recognition mouse...   

       //"I turn it on only when I know exactly etc."// wow. I've read about people like that in books, but...
moomintroll, May 18 2005

       A very good springboard. Kudos!   

       I think one way this could be handled is to create a tabbed destop so that users can switch between whichever desktop they need for whichever bit of work they are doing. Different applications can be opened in each different 'desktop' and therefore group operations by task.
Trebors1989, Jul 09 2005

       I realize now that my reply was not on the original topic. I think the subject has changed a bit.
Trebors1989, Jul 09 2005

       [Trebor] - what you ask for has been a stock standard feature of pretty much any Linux desktop environment for... well, quite a while. :)
Detly, Jul 09 2005

       [Trebor] There are lots of programs for Windoze that do what you describe....
Minimal, Jul 11 2005

       On Mac OS X that would be called Spaces [Trebor]   

       I disagree with having to state a subject when I log into the computer. Why would it require to know this? Would it be stored? Would you analyze it? Why?
X-Istence, Dec 02 2007

       I get the impression about this idea that it is more a way to get access to the apps you need WITHOUT having to load the full-bloated Windows (and logining in for that respect) than it is about having multiple desktops (e.g. Spaces on OSx)...I believe Phoenix BIOS has recently announced an ability to load existing apps held within windows WITHOUT loading Windows at all...My appologies for not having a link to that but just google it. This would seem more efficient a solution than any others. Apps would load instantly and when you are done you just turn off your machine...no 2 min boot times, loging in, using app, then turning off the system.
quantass, Dec 02 2007


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