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Monthly divisions of desktop menu

Divide most used programmes on the GUI by time period
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This is another example of an idea which came to me in a dream. It may well be crap but i lack the perspective on it right now to judge.

A section in the menu of a GUI which sorts the applications into most used by time period, so for example, a programme users only have for designing Christmas cards would be under December, one for processing tax would be in April and so forth. Or, break it down into smaller periods so that different days of the week have different menus, so that tasks allocated or simply more likely to occur on those days would become more accessible.

nineteenthly, Mar 30 2010


       His halfbakery ideas come to him in dreams! He must be the one we have waited for! He is the one legends spoke of! He will be our leader!   

       Follow [nineteenthly]!!!! Follow [nineteenthly]!!!!
wagster, Mar 30 2010

       I like it - a sort of programmatic crop-rotation - a recoupling people with the natural ebb and flow of the world around them, using a computer desktop feature.
zen_tom, Mar 30 2010

       Nice implementation of context aware application availability. This would be *much* better than Windows simply complaing about "unused items on desktop".
Jinbish, Mar 30 2010

       // Follow [nineteenthly]!!!! Follow [nineteenthly]!!!! //   

       Will there be juniper bushes ?
8th of 7, Mar 30 2010

       Not only will there be juniper bushes, [ of ]; there will be unnecessary punctuation and liquor brewed directly from juniper berries.   

       There was another dream one, about a urine-powered laptop.   

       I also had a dream about [UnaBubba] last night, incidentally, where he was an NRA member living in the Northern Territory.   

       Thanks all.
nineteenthly, Mar 30 2010

       //there be juniper bushes//... //juniper berries//   

       A miracle! A miracle!
He has made the bush fruitful by His words.
They have brought forth juniper berries.
Jinbish, Mar 30 2010

       I've not seen a fruitful Bush in over a decade now...
RayfordSteele, Mar 30 2010

       Of course they've brought forth juniper berries! They're juniper bushes! What do you expect?!
nineteenthly, Mar 30 2010

       //What do you expect?// Unremarkable ... if you have juniper bushes to start with. Starting with primordial soup, or quark-gluon plasma, to make juniper bushes bring forth juniper berries is darned impressive.
mouseposture, Apr 01 2010

       A witch! A witch! Can we we burn [nineteenthly]?
Dub, Apr 02 2010

       Not sure how flammable i'd be without help, [Dub], though there's always spontaneous human combustion i suppose.   

       [Mouseposture], isn't it creation ex nihilo though?
nineteenthly, Apr 02 2010

       <points at [nineteenthly]>
He turned me into a newt!
Jinbish, Apr 02 2010

       Can you prove you were not always one?
pocmloc, Apr 02 2010

       But [jinbish], you got better didn't you?
nineteenthly, Apr 02 2010

       [19thly]: er... yeah... I guess... [poc]: Depends who you ask!   

       (Also should re-emphasise that it's a great idea)
Jinbish, Apr 02 2010

       Maybe you're a newt dreaming you're human.
nineteenthly, Apr 02 2010

       //I used to think// No longer? What convinced you otherwise?
mouseposture, Apr 02 2010

       If one was a newt, it might be impossible to imagine hearing or being sober, in the proverbial sense.
nineteenthly, Apr 03 2010

       Very clever, Mr. Tindale, but it's newts all the way down.
mouseposture, Apr 03 2010

       True. Makes me think it'd be nice to be able to understand OOP.
nineteenthly, Apr 04 2010


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