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Desktop Topper

Digital File Solution at your fingers and under the coffee pot
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The Desktop Topper is a bespoke piece of touch sensitive digital furniture made possible by the adventing of digital paper and advances in flat screen technology.

The clear plastic screen overlays your existing desk surface underneath the pot plants, tea cups, paper files and pencil sharpening machinery.

At it's most basic, the device provides a graphical display of the files available to you. Obviously private folders are either not displayed or get hidden under the petunia. More glamorous screens can provide 3d representations that look like the inside of a virtual drawer and may well cause the un-initiated a number of stubbed fingers.

Further use of the Topper is the potential for both yourself and your customer to see the same document at the same time, to edit it together, with them using the back of a biro and an on-screen keyboard. File actions are a mere point and 'screen-gesture' away, as are opening, emailing, printing and deleting. Such a desk could also pull out from the bottom of a laptop on the kitchen table.

I'm all for leaving it on while the computer is off. Then you can leave silly messages for the cleaner, reminding her to water the plant and not wash the tannin out of your mug. Or a picture of a bit of dirt, that moves every time it is wiped.

Finally, this needs some sort of USB interface so that memory sticks can have files passed from them to a temporary holding folder for you to check before you turn on at your return to the desk.

youBuildit, Jul 01 2008

Evil Empire version http://www.microsof.../surface/index.html
[FlyingToaster, Jul 10 2008]

my blobby version Ideo-Blob
[pertinax, Jul 12 2008]


       A tram station in Las Vegas has interactive video projected onto the floor with various presentations. It can sense touch. One video is the top view of a fish tank with swimming fish. Attempting to step on a passing fish causes it to dart away (thus avoiding your foot) and the water surface ripples. It’s most entertaining but similar enough to your idea that I can neither bun nor fish it.
CwP, Jul 02 2008

       The idea is really intended to aid filing, but just like any other screen type it would be able to display eye-candy type graphics.   

       Funky graphics are not the point, an alternative interface for filing is.   

       Hope that helps you decide :-)
youBuildit, Jul 10 2008

       Isn't this the latest thing from Micro$oft ? <link>
FlyingToaster, Jul 10 2008


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