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Literal Computer

No metaphors here...
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A computer that teaches the meanings of some computer terms to people who are slightly slow at grasping them...

To open a window - you wind down a car window that is covering the screen...

If the computer crashes - the ropes it is suspended by swing it into the wall...

When you press the eject button - the CD shoots out of the top of the computer leaving a trail of smoke (think ejector seat) and then slowly floats down to the ground...

To burn a CD - we see smoke and flames pouring out of the cd drive...

(This poor idea is just in computer - someone please help me find it a loving subcategory)

RobertKidney, Jan 05 2002

OpenVMS Help,Documentation,Links http://wwwvms.mppmu.mpg.de/vmsdoc/
I don't know jack about OpenVMS, but my fondest memory of VAX/VMS 5.4 is the online help and usually even command strings being in English. [LoriZ, Jan 06 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       nobody say anything about opening a widow pleese
po, Jan 05 2002

       could have happened to anyone - I blame the keyboard...
RobertKidney, Jan 05 2002

       Up for grabs:
Log on
Log off
phoenix, Jan 05 2002

       Book: the computer grows arms and picks itself up onto the desk.   

       Mount: it nails the drive to a wall   

       Cut: lasers cut the text off of the monitor.   

       Past: the glass is glued on again   

       Point: you point.   

       Click: a group of wannabe's from the local high school enter the room.   

       Log on: A log falls onto the computer and you carve your name is.   

       Log off: you push the log off.
ironfroggy, Jan 06 2002

       Defrag: all the keys fall off the keyboard, and are rearranged in alphabetical order.
friendlyfire, Oct 21 2002


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