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Extensible Timeline-Like Desktop

Keeps desktop clean of icons, yet you never need to delete or move your desktop icons to another folder.
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The Extensible Timeline-Like Desktop works like a rolling paper. It allows you to always have a clean desktop without any icons on it, yet keep always focused on what you have to do NOW, with quick access to history.

Simply slide-off the past desktop icons from your screen (say, by a mouse center button motion from right to left) to get more desktop space.

Want to go back to what you had been doing before? Just slide it back (say, by a mouse center button motion from left to right) to look at your previously added icons.

Inyuki, Dec 25 2011


       Cool idea
rcarty, Dec 25 2011

       Like in Android?
DIYMatt, Dec 25 2011


       Yes, but with "unlimited" amount of new space for icons, and possibility to slide back to look at the previously added icons.
Inyuki, Dec 25 2011

       This is really just "workspaces", albeit with a cool user interface idea.
phundug, Dec 26 2011

       // This is really just "workspaces" //   

       "workspaces" <---> "(this idea)", is like "Natural numbers" <---> "Real numbers"   

       + the interface.
Inyuki, Dec 26 2011

       [+] I've envisioned something like this for a modernized CL shell interface: enhanced to add sort/filter parameters for display, keep the command lines for the active process forks on the screen ("taskbar" functionality) until closed, etc. etc. tres cool.
FlyingToaster, Dec 26 2011

       [21 Quest], but you cannot add potentially infinite number of the fences in Fences. Eventually they will fill up your desktop, hidden or not...
Inyuki, Dec 26 2011

       [21 Quest], also, Fences doesn't provide a timeline-based organization. Fences is just a different idea, which could be combined and work together with this one - you could create many fences on the long roll of the timeline-like desktop as well.
Inyuki, Dec 26 2011


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