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London - soon

miss you guys...
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... and some like Ian & Dr B & St3f & wots his name who have disappeared recently.

& [jutta] who I haven't seen for a decade!

po, Jan 28 2013

The Speaker, SW1, Friday 13th http://www.beerinth...Speaker/Westminster
[zen_tom, Jun 11 2014]

Football Fixtures http://www.bbc.co.u...t/football/fixtures
[zen_tom, Jun 12 2014]

Brown Monkey's Call of Cthulhu (sort of) http://archive.org/...BMCallofCthulhu.mp3
Radio play. Some would call it an homage, others might say it's a piss take. Both are true. [DrBob, Jun 13 2014, last modified Jun 14 2014]

Obligatory photo - sorry DrB, this one was taken after closing time https://www.flickr....zentom/14231311147/
[zen_tom, Jun 14 2014]


       [jonthegeologist] and I may be in That London the weekend of 23/24 February. We're busy on the Saturday evening but could possibly do the Sat afternoon or Sun lunch
hazel, Jan 28 2013

po, Jan 28 2013

Dub, Jan 28 2013

       I would love a Skype-in.
blissmiss, Jan 28 2013

       23/24 Feb sounds good
hippo, Jan 29 2013

       I'll see if I can get off normal weekend domestic duties. Need a good excuse though. Wetlands Centre?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 29 2013

       A Saturday afternoon sounds OK to me.
DrBob, Jan 29 2013

       Yeah but it's never gonna fscking happen for me, i know it!
nineteenthly, Jan 29 2013

       I had almost forgotten about this.   

       Seeing as I am now rolling in money, I shall gladly buy at least one round. If it's still happening.
mitxela, Feb 18 2013

       It's a shame these only seem to happen on the rare weekends that I'm otherwise engaged. Harumph.
TomP, Feb 19 2013

       //rare weekends that I'm otherwise engaged//   

       I'm sure your bride-to-be will understand, and if she doesn't you shouldn't marry her anyway.
ytk, Feb 19 2013

       work commitments are always difficult - sort it out amongst yourselves and I'll try to attend.
po, Feb 26 2013

Dub, Jan 16 2014

       Howcome you only do this when I'm out of the country?
not_morrison_rm, Jan 16 2014

       So, Friday the 13th of June, The Speaker, SW1 ?
mitxela, Jun 03 2014

       Yes, yes yes!
zen_tom, Jun 04 2014

       Full moon too! Doesn't happen all that often. I'd Skype if anyone would like to speak, no camera, or I could phone call in.
blissmiss, Jun 04 2014

       Didn't there use to be a Skype account for this sort of thing? If there will be Skype, count me in.
pertinax, Jun 04 2014

       Sounds good - what time?
hippo, Jun 04 2014

       Hmm, Skype...sounds good to me, have to be on Sunday as I need to lift one of the work laptops, mine is too old to run skype...
not_morrison_rm, Jun 04 2014

       //Ian & Dr B & St3f// don't forget Wagster, Ben Frost, Fishrat and DrCurry.....(plus many more)
xenzag, Jun 04 2014

       So... will anyone be there on the 13th with a skypeable device, and are they willing to give out a skype name to connect to?   

       To get the ball rolling, I can be skyped on [redacted: XXXXXXXX dot X dot X dot XXXXXXXXX ].   

       {sits back and waits for crickets to chirp}
pertinax, Jun 08 2014

       I have to get on my laptop to figure out how to Skype me. Get back to you.
blissmiss, Jun 08 2014

blissmiss, Jun 08 2014

       Sounds good to me. As I am currently a man of (impoverished) leisure, and can make a day of it up in the Smoke, I'll set the timetable shall I? I'll be in the Speaker (which looks to be about a half a mile walk from Victoria station) from 6:30ish whether anyone else attends or not. So that's that sorted. Next please!
DrBob, Jun 08 2014

       Crikey! that's 1:30am Perth time. I was going to join Pertinax with the attend by Skype idea but I'm all tucked in by then. Maaaybeee, seeing its not a school night and all. Have fun regardless.
AusCan531, Jun 09 2014

       Oh wait, I'll be at work. What am I thinking? Okay, I'll call out sick. Any reason to call out sick is a good reason. Plus that day sounds double jinxed. I'll stay at home under the blankets and pop out just to use laptop and feed Frisco.
blissmiss, Jun 09 2014

       6ish sounds great to me! Though I suppose it's reasonable to leave the floor open to anyone wishing to arrive earlier.
zen_tom, Jun 11 2014

       Actually, z_t, the thought occurs that there's likely to be a lot of football coverage in pubs starting from Thursday onwards. I don't want to be a party pooper but this might not be a very opportune time for a half-con. What do you think?
DrBob, Jun 11 2014

       [DrB] there are three games on that night; Mexico v Cameroon [17:00], Spain v Netherlands [20:00] and Chile v Australia at [23:00] though the actual sense and logic of world-cup-ness escapes me so I'm not entirely sure what to glean from that, other than that I'm not aware of any great Mexican or Cameroonian populations in the Victoria Station surrounds (and the same goes for Spaniard, Dutch, Chilean or Australians - though this could reflect my ignorance rather than be anything to go by) but I'll roll along - there's nothing to stop us having another go in say, September (or some other opportune month)   

       Having said that - I think it'll be ok, and if it's not, we can sojourn accordingly.
zen_tom, Jun 12 2014

       My vote goes with the honorable zen-tom, but hope the dapper DrBob will rethink and join in despite the obstacles. We are bakers, we are strong. We are indestructible. We are outright insane.
blissmiss, Jun 12 2014

       The pub in question (The Speaker) has no televisions, no games machines and no music.
hippo, Jun 12 2014

       Hmm, what do they have? I hope they have drink.
blissmiss, Jun 12 2014

       Just beer and seating

(This reminds me that another London pub, where we met for a previous HalfCon (which [jutta] came to), had similar views on television, games and music, but would also chuck people out for using mobile phones in the pub)
hippo, Jun 12 2014

       Cool. Sounds good to me. See you there!
DrBob, Jun 12 2014

       " (The Speaker) has no televisions, no games machines and no music "   

       Sweet. I was fantasizing about that sort of watering hole yesterday. They're becoming more difficult to find.
normzone, Jun 12 2014

       And the pub we went to before, where the landlord chucks you out if you use a mobile phone is The Nag's Head in Kinnerton Street in Knightsbridge.
hippo, Jun 12 2014

       I'll have to quit on you all - have to get up earlier than anticipated the morning after. :-(   

       Just pretend that I turned up, listened and said friendly things.
pertinax, Jun 13 2014

       [bigsleep] No that's The Nag's Head. You'll be fine with a laptop in The Speaker. Last time we were there, [Ian T/Rods Tiger] had an iPad with him.
I'm afraid I won't be able to join you, but like [pertinax], you can reconstruct my personality through reading all my Halfbakery ideas, and then just imagine I'm there.
hippo, Jun 13 2014

       I shall be heading there shortly.   

       Those who decide to quit at the last moment shall miss out on the possibility of me buying them alcohol.   

       PS I don't have any skype-enabled mobile equipment so I hope someone else can take the responsibility for telecommunications setup.
mitxela, Jun 13 2014

       I'm late, but inbound - eta around 7ish
zen_tom, Jun 13 2014

       Buggar! Couldn't someone have sent a text?
po, Jun 13 2014

       Home again, home again, hippety hop.

Halfcon complete. Tags: Cthulhu, Roleplaying, Paranoia, Stereo sound, Time Travel, Dinner party guests (rather depressingly, nobody chose any of the people that they were in the pub with at the time), Surround sound, Art of Noise, Free will, Sewing machines, Motorola 68000, Tesla, Edison, Luck, Unemployment, Hammond organ. We never did receive an explanation from you of how a joystick works did we Mr Tindale?
DrBob, Jun 13 2014

       Great to see you all - maybe another one soon. Oblig photo posted above, links.
zen_tom, Jun 14 2014

       Who's wearing the beard? Is that you DrBob?
blissmiss, Jun 14 2014

       Nah, that's mitxela. I was gone by then; had a train to catch. It's alright for these Londoner's to hang around in the pub until kicking out time but us country folk have to do travelling into the wee small hours.
DrBob, Jun 14 2014

       I was gonna say, you have changed. Lighter color hair, and just all around different than I recall. You should have stayed for the photo though...
blissmiss, Jun 14 2014


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