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London Mini-HB-con

On the off chance there are a few Guerilla London 'bakers about... (June 23rd 2009)
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If anyone would like to join me for a pint or other tasty beverage on Tuesday 23rd June, somewhere in London (tbc) then that would be great.

It is a school night, and I am in London for a meeting the next day, so it might not be so raucous, but I'm sure that we can fit in some custardy ideas nevertheless.

*** Looks like Shakespeare's Head, near Oxford Circus (not Holborn), 5.30 onwards on Tuesday 23rd ***

Jinbish, Jun 11 2009

Beer In't'Evening http://www.beerinth...kespeares_Head/Soho
Just so I know where I'm going. [zen_tom, Jun 23 2009]

http://www.flickr.c.../72157620299764773/ [hippo, Jun 24 2009]

Circular_20CCD_20ch...20digital_20cameras [hippo, Jun 27 2009]


       It's a possibility, however I will now have to get a choo-choo from the woods.
skinflaps, Jun 11 2009

gnomethang, Jun 11 2009

       Och aye!
coprocephalous, Jun 11 2009

       Good stuff lads.   

       {I think that the pencilled in venue is the Marquess of Anglesey pub, but that can easily be trumped. Perhaps a venue sympathetic to a choo-choo station?}
Jinbish, Jun 11 2009

       //The beer is Leffe (the dark one) on tap, and the pub, I forget.//
Given the fact that it serves this delicious stuff it is no wonder you forgot where you were drinking it!
The last time I had the dark gear I was in Brussels. Don't remember too much of that evening, either!.
gnomethang, Jun 11 2009

       I think they serve Leffe (along with about 30 other Belgian beers) at Belgo in Covent Garden, though I'm not sure the bar is very big. Great mussels and chips, though.
coprocephalous, Jun 11 2009

       Ooh. It's not often you see the non-blonde Leffe on tap.   

       I'm happy with the Oxford Circus locale if others are (I'm staying about 10 mins walk away, nearby Paddington). Covent Garden area is fine too though.
Jinbish, Jun 11 2009

Dub, Jun 11 2009


       Is that a yay my friend?
skinflaps, Jun 11 2009

Dub, Jun 11 2009

       If it's an early drink I could make it - I've got an appointment in West London at 7:30
hippo, Jun 12 2009

       I *should* be in town for about 5.30 (Paddington).
Jinbish, Jun 12 2009

       Oh yes, the Princess Lou.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 12 2009

       Nice bit of recon, [Ian]. Got to say, I like a good sit down when I'm in the pub, but let's go for it.   

       I'll be there from around about 5.30. I'l see if I can get have some kind of pastry.
Jinbish, Jun 20 2009

       See y'all there.
gnomethang, Jun 22 2009

zen_tom, Jun 22 2009

       I should be able to get there by 5:30 - I'll be the one in the "London Pride" cycling top.
hippo, Jun 23 2009

       I don't think that I'll be able to make this one - I'll be the one sitting under a tree.
skinflaps, Jun 23 2009

       //"London Pride" cycling top//
Was it a hand-me-down?
coprocephalous, Jun 23 2009

       Can't make it chaps, sorry. I'm on girlfriend duty tonight.   

       I'll be the one watching The Duchess <shudder>
theleopard, Jun 23 2009

       I am green with envy, [theleopard]!.
Hopefully the thought of you enjoying such estimable entertainment won't put me off my pint.
p.s. - Whatever you do, make sure you avoid any comparisons viz your better half and Ms Knightley.
gnomethang, Jun 23 2009

       Advice duly noted, cheers [Gnome]. It's one of those traps women tend to draw you into. "Don't you think Kiera's stunning?"   

       "I... well... you know, she's very pleasant looking."   

       "You heartless bastard, you fancy her don't you? I'm trying to spend some quality time with you and you're off day-dreaming about sleeping with that slut! GET OUT!!!"
theleopard, Jun 23 2009

       You gottit! - Having said that, were you to contrive such a conversation at a reasonably early juncture then we might see you for a sherbert.
gnomethang, Jun 23 2009

       No problem, [theleopard]. I realise I am outnumbered, being up against the delectable Ms Knightley and Ms [theleopard].   

       I will console myself with a light beverage. And perhaps some [theleopard]-based camaraderic riducule.   

       See you chaps in the pub!   

       (Sorry you can't make it [skinny], we'll ridicule [theleopard] on your behalf)
Jinbish, Jun 23 2009

       <insert 'delectable' in front of Ms [theleopard] to facilitate equality without courting "you lookin' at my girllfriend" ire>
Jinbish, Jun 23 2009

       Oi! You lookin' at my pint?!
theleopard, Jun 23 2009

       It's ok, I have it on good authority that your pint is 'delectable'. Phew.
zen_tom, Jun 23 2009

       In fact, all our pints were delectable, and it was lovely to see hazel, Jinbish, zen_tom, gnomethang, Dub and Ian again (have I missed anyone?) and I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer.
hippo, Jun 24 2009

       Any photos?
nineteenthly, Jun 24 2009

       I've added a link to four photos I took on my mobile phone. Ian had a camera too - in fact Ian had at least three cameras with him - so he may post pictures too at some point in the future.
hippo, Jun 24 2009

       The operation of the vid cam got a bit tricky later on!.
Nice to see you all again.
gnomethang, Jun 24 2009

       Glad you all had a good time.I'll make sure that I get to next one(within the next five years.)I'm in Dr Bob country at the mo' a bit tricky on the transport situation.   

       I'll have to get myself a avro Shackleton.
skinflaps, Jun 24 2009

       It looks like a great time was had by all. A success!
blissmiss, Jun 24 2009

       <jealous rage> Looks like a great time (grimace). Nice weather you're having. </jealous rage>   

       Hopefully project Natal will have us 'bakers *virtually* quaffing in a shared virtual environ, whilst *actually* quaffing in our lonely mildewed basements/office warrens.
4whom, Jun 24 2009

       It really was great to see you chaps. The pints were,indeed, delectable - almost as excellent as the company.   

       There was definitely a good time by those with a surname like [bish]... and possibly a HB idea or two (if only I could reach through the slightly inebriated haze).
Jinbish, Jun 24 2009

       Very cool group you are. Very cool. So jealous.It looked and sounded so very British.
blissmiss, Jun 24 2009

       Excellent portrait-format video shooting, Ian
hippo, Jun 25 2009

       //Why can't the monitor rotate to match my camera handling?//   

       Sounds like a reasonable feature to me. Should be simple enough to process digitally.
Jinbish, Jun 27 2009

       Ian, you could do that, or... (see link)
hippo, Jun 27 2009

       thinking about a come round here & sort my garden & I'll provide food and beer halfcon...
po, Jun 27 2009

       Count me in. I'm a useless layabout, but my Uncle is a gardener and I have worked for him. I'm management material...
Jinbish, Jun 27 2009

       I'll help clear your strawberries
Dub, Jun 27 2009

       Ha, it was funny - I remember you were explaining to me the transmission vectors of swine flu on the central line with a series of "YOU WILL DIE!" statements. I had to try to stay upright without holding on to anything for 4 stops.
zen_tom, Aug 20 2009

       They go nicely with that lampshade on your head.
blissmiss, Aug 20 2009

       //to drink so much so often in such as short duration.//   

       Very Churchillian. Makes me proud.   

       White cotton gloves? While I don't doubt your sartorial prowess, and I certainly have no high ground to make comment if I did, isn't there a danger of looking like a snooker referee or traffic police person?
Jinbish, Aug 20 2009

       And you will be their King!
Jinbish, Aug 20 2009

       King, uh no...Queen more likely.
blissmiss, Aug 20 2009

       //hotel and restaurant doormen, stamp collectors, people who work in one-hour photo labs, and myself//
Golgafrincham redux.
coprocephalous, Aug 20 2009

Possibly the funniest comment on the HB, ever.
gnomethang, Aug 22 2009

       he missed out - the girlguides :)   

       can any one lend the HHGTTG I really should read the damn thing.
po, Aug 22 2009

       //can any one lend the HHGTTG //
I can lend you the CDs of the radio show, only missing (AFAICT) the best gag of all (Arthur: "Do you realise that robot can hum like Pink Floyd?")
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 23 2009

       I have a copy of all the books conveniently bound within one cover somewhere [po], you are more than welcome to borrow it. *digs around in room*
kaz, Aug 24 2009


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