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London Minicon

Marquess of Anglesey, Tuesday, July 10th, 6:30 pm
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Well, that's about it, really.


DrCurry, Jul 07 2007

This Marquess of Anglesey, btw http://www.beerinth...lesey/Covent_Garden
[DrCurry, Jul 07 2007]

...and if you don't know anyone http://moniplex.com...main.php?picture=40
I look sorta like this. You can follow the glow off the dome. [DrCurry, Jul 07 2007]

Mr. Tindale's photos http://halfbakers.m...com/photos/album/27
Will be posting mine shortly. [DrCurry, Jul 12 2007]

HalfCon '06 http://www.passedou...sions!/IMG_1165.jpg
[nuclear hobo, Jul 12 2007]

DrCurry's photos http://www.flickr.c.../72157600785334217/
[DrCurry, Jul 13 2007]


       I'd suggest The Bull in Hertfordshire.
nuclear hobo, Jul 07 2007

       Well, you could go there, too, of course. But then I won't be there. Which may well be exactly what you want.
DrCurry, Jul 07 2007

       I just thought the name was more appropriate.
nuclear hobo, Jul 07 2007

       From your link, [DrCurry]:   

       //Horrible place. Arrogant staff, dodgy beer, overpriced food, not comfortable or enjoyable in the least. Please do avoid.// ;)
pertinax, Jul 07 2007

       I'd be there - if only I could con my work in to buying flights and having a meeting in London.   

       The Marquess is fine for a pub - and is starting to build a history for MiniHalfcons...
Jinbish, Jul 07 2007

       Hey, go for it - that's how I'm getting there!
DrCurry, Jul 07 2007

       // dodgy beer//   

       That's why we chose it.
skinflaps, Jul 07 2007

       //Arrogant staff, dodgy beer, overpriced food, not comfortable or enjoyable in the least.//   

       Ah, the good old British Pub.
egbert, Jul 09 2007

       I'll be there - see you tomorrow.
zen_tom, Jul 09 2007

       these events are always mini or half!   

       one day we'll do a major event... and re-invent the world.   

       kisses to everyone.
po, Jul 09 2007

       Tomorrow, Pinky, tomorrow we will take over the world!
DrCurry, Jul 10 2007

       If there is ever an impending global catastophy (The Core, Armageddon, Day After Tommorow) the UN (or someone with actual power) will sponsor us to meet and solve it, in a manner not dissimilar to the A-Team trapped in a shed.
marklar, Jul 10 2007

       Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it.
hippo, Jul 10 2007

       I haven't entered into this post yet due to doubts concerning my availability. I still have no idea if I can make it, so I will just clarify: either I will or I won't.   

       Sorry to be rubbish, maybe see you later.
wagster, Jul 10 2007

       How very Schrödingerian of you, [wagster]
hippo, Jul 10 2007

       Bugger! Another one I'll miss.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 10 2007

       Twas indeed! And we'll be posting the results of our camera duel sooner or later.
DrCurry, Jul 10 2007

       Sadly I was still talking to my builder at 22:30 so gave it a miss. Sorry not to meet you in the flesh DrC.
wagster, Jul 11 2007


       A meeting of paparazzi bakers.
skinflaps, Jul 11 2007

       How does one view the photos?
TheLightsAreOnBut, Jul 12 2007

       You could maybe follow the links above. (If you're having trouble seeing Ian's pics, that's probably because they're posted to the Halfbakery group on Multiply. To see those, you'll have to a) join Multiply; b) ask someone to invite you to join the group - which shouldn't be too difficult - we're not exactly picky about who we let in.) (My pics are posted publicly on Flickr, so everyone should be able to see them.)
DrCurry, Jul 13 2007

       superb pictures - I'm gonna frame some of those.   

po, Jul 13 2007

       Thanks DrCurry for the explanation. Your photos are superb, though I have to say it's strange putting faces to names. I think you fit the half baker image particularly well, it's a shame you can't have a photo as a tag line.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Jul 13 2007

       //I'm gonna frame some of those//
"frame" in the sense of "I'm going to wrongly accuse them of a crime, and plant false evidence, in the hope that they are incarcerated, and never collectively see the light of day again" ?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 13 2007

       of course! what else?
po, Jul 13 2007

       OK. Just wanted to be clear.
Noble cause. Carry on.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 13 2007

       Thanks Ian!
TheLightsAreOnBut, Jul 13 2007

       //Is it just me or are Skinflaps and ZenTom related ?// You never know, but as far as I'm aware, yes, it's just you.   

       A really good night - and free portraiture too!
zen_tom, Jul 13 2007

       Does DrCurry look like Domo-Kun in real life, too, or just in photographs?
jutta, Jul 15 2007

       I think he is much handsomer in real-life as that evil smile seems to be for the camera. He speaks and acts very gently, so that scary face is just for fun. (methinks)
xandram, Jul 15 2007

       Thank you one and all. While I was unable to attend, it certainly is great to see some pictures of the family.   

       I liked the "sleeping with flocking road cones" image also.
normzone, Jul 15 2007

       Looks like it was a lot of fun.   


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