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Every notable anatomical feature of the human body along the Thames
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Freshly inspired by Ian Tindale's most excellent second London Eye, the good citizens of the world's capital city have decided to display the entire spectrum of human features along the length of River Thames.

Beginning with the enchanted hair forest, which is a great mound of entangled vines, followed by the twin eyes, we come to the nostrils of perpetual dribbling, sneezing and sniffing. Near these is the ear of deafness, in which is stored all the echoing voices that Tony Bair refused to hear when he was deciding to invade Iraq. Further along we enter the mouth of consumption in which begins a giant slalom leading the wondrous visitor along a convoluted, clear plastic intestinal tube that meanders out into the dreary suburbs, where they are finally deposited behind the flats in some rancid backwater estate.....

xenzag, Jan 13 2006

Gotcher campus right here. Anatomically_20Correct_20Campus
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 13 2006]


       I am reminded of Rowan Atkinson's manic French architect on Not the Nine O'Clock News, claiming the British were obsessed with buildings that looked like body parts, e.g. Nelson's Column (Pah!)
coprocephalous, Jan 13 2006

       [miasere] 3 including the Millenium Dome! We just need a second dome, and a big bra to put them both in.....
Minimal, Jan 13 2006

       [Minimal], you could perhaps use the Albert Hall as the other one, and be a bit like the famous young girl from Devizes.
coprocephalous, Jan 13 2006

       Heh - Shepherdess's Bush.
hippo, Jan 13 2006

       St Pancreas Station
Gordon Comstock, Jan 13 2006

       East Spleen
coprocephalous, Jan 13 2006

       //famous young girl from Devizes.//
Not heard of this, sounds like a limerick..

       The famous young girl from Devizes,
Was so famous for causing Surprises,
She once stuck a watch,
In a gentlemans crotch,
So now it just ticks when it Rises.

       Some more London bodyparts...   

The Naval (Oval)
The "Testicle"
Minimal, Jan 13 2006

       There was a young girl from Devizes,
Whose breast were different sizes,
The left one was small
(almost nothing at all)
But the right one was large, and won prizes.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 13 2006

       There was a young barmaid from Hayle
On whose breasts was the price of Pale Ale
And on her behind
For the sake of the blind
Was the same information in Braille
hippo, Jan 13 2006

       I read this as Londonotomy, which I thought might be the surgical removal of London from England. It might be replaced by a large dome, or perhaps a Londonostomy bag.
bungston, Jan 13 2006

       I read it as Londonabotomy.   

       Perhaps Class will come to me
a gift from across the sea
My demon lover soon departs
She says comes class in proper shoping carts

       Iraq, the flaq & flag protrudes
kevlar fails & friends, family we lose
100 to 1 and 1 in 5
Rest my soul, my cousin's safe
Home again, though I'd've gone
Afghan's mountain's impossible
The same as you it's our dreams we hold!

       WTF happend to the conclusion? JHC! I'd never dare post this crap without the conclusion!   

       Freyuiken Grengar! It was there, crystal clear, & biting. FUck you whoever busted it dead. Lucky for you it's escaped my headl.
Zimmy, Jan 14 2006


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