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Metal Memorial Garden

Burton, Bonham, Scott, and all the others...
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Imagine that you're driving down a gently-rolling two-lane road, looking off to the side beyond the trees, the pastures, the gigantic bobbing bronze statues...


It seems you've happened across the Metal Memorial Garden...thirty-foot-tall memorials with heads gently banging back and forth, each in the image of a Rock God now gone.

Constructed of bronze, each head would be installed on a hinged, spring-loaded post. The posts and hinges would allow for movement front-to-back only, as if the sculptures were banging their heads to an inaudible, yet still kick-ass, guitar solo.

Admission would be free, as long as you can name at least one member of the Garden.

Nikki Sixx, by the way, is currently ineligible, despite his two-minute period of non-life. Gotta be dead fo' sho', rocker.

(Rick James is included because of his diagnosis of heavy metal neck a few years before his death)

--------------------- The Original Idea: Funk lost a great* man today in trendsetter Rick James. Though cause of death is undetermined as I write this, it really oughtn't matter too much, as he was the Superfreak and the all-around idol for such greats as MC Hammer, Hammer, and MC Hammer again.

Mr. James was diagnosed just a few years ago with "heavy metal neck," a series of stress fractures in his cervical vertebrae caused by constantly whipping his head forward and backwards in a spastic manner. And this gives me the idea for his memorial....

I propose a giant hollow effigy of Mr. James's head on a cartoonishly small solid body, connected by a heavy-duty spring, with two tighter springs mounted on a post to prevent side-to-side motion; this would create a mostly front-to-back bobbling effect when the head moves, as a result of wind, or adoring fans constantly rubbing his prodigious sculpted chin fat.

*optional ---------------------

Altered on 10/28/2004 to, IMO, improve the idea.

shapu, Aug 06 2004

Rick James (Feb 1 1948 - Aug 6 2004) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_James
[jutta, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Sounds like you really* respect the man [shapu].   


       *Not Really
gnomethang, Aug 07 2004

       He was a baad man.   

       That said, folk shouldn't whip or roll their heads about their shoulders.
dpsyplc, Aug 07 2004

       Actually, he wasn't that great a person, but he was a pretty good musician.   

       I do, however, hope that this inkling becomes the beginning of a headbanging sculpture garden, creating a peaceful memorial of 25-foot-tall gently bobbling sculptures.
shapu, Aug 08 2004

       Rick James died?
PinkDrink, Aug 08 2004

       Yup. I bet Dave Chappelle feels pretty bad right about now.
shapu, Aug 09 2004

       I bet he doesn't.
yabba do yabba dabba, Aug 09 2004


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