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Long Life Toilet Paper

Longer Lasting Toilet Paper
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Feed up of running low on Toilet Paper? Tired of visiting the little boys room only to find that it's out of the soft stuff ? Well next time purchase a brown coloured roll. This will be so off putting to those not 'in the know' that you'll always be sure that its only you using that roll. So if you keep running out of that too, well I'm one for straight talking.... your bottom's too big !
martynwyatt, Aug 28 2003


       reminds me of the joke .. a bloke goes to the toilet in the pub and puts a note on his beer saying "i have spat in this beer" .....
pjd, Aug 28 2003

       Why a brown colored roll, do you always discolor the whole sheet? I think brown spots in the center and printed fake wrinkles would do a much better job.
kbecker, Aug 28 2003

       There could be different varieties each with a different pattern of gross-ness. You could have "Vegetarian", "Mexican-Morning-After", "Chili and Hot Wings", "The Flu", etc... Freedom of choice, baby.
DeathNinja, Aug 28 2003

       i dont think it would work. what if someone is 'in the know' and they think it would be funny to make someone use poop covered toiletpaper. they could simply smear their poop all over the toilet paper and tell the other person its the new brown colored toilet paper with added smell so it can be more realistic. it just wouldnt work.
bobathie, Jun 27 2007

       Brown toilet paper is apparently the norm in some places, where white toilet paper (which is more expensive due to being bleached) is unaffordable.
notexactly, Mar 28 2019


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