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Architects overlook the loo
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I have never used a design of loo, public or private which seriously considered the 20% of lefties among us.

On the door is neutral placing for the paper supply, but usually the door is too far away for comfort.

So I suggest a manufactured solution : a loo bowl which has a paper supply located on the front of the bowl where reaching for it between the legs is intuitive.

rayfo, Dec 15 2000

Dymaxion Bathroom http://www.wnet.org/bucky/bathroom.html
I'm not sure where the toilet paper goes, but it's probably well-placed. [egnor, Dec 15 2000]


       What about a loo placed in the middle of the room and without a big cistern tank at the back. Then lefties could just sit on it the other way round from righties and the loo roll would be perfectly positioned.
hippo, Dec 15 2000

       Inbetween the legs? What happens if someone 'dribbles' onto the paper? The paper would get stuck together and it would be very unsanitary. Now, if we could have both the bowl(without the tank) combined with the foot pedal, and the crane toliet paper that comes from the celing, I think we would have a winner.
barnzenen, Dec 15 2000

       What about mounting the paper dispenser on the inside of the stall door? Equally reachable by lefties and righties, and, perhaps more important, more likely to be spotted as "out of paper" before the situation hits critical.
Uncle Nutsy, Dec 15 2000

       I think dribbling would be a major problem with having the roll between the legs (as pointed out by barnzenen). I think the best solution would be on the stall door. To address the issue of the roll being too far away in that position, there should be a sensor (either a pressure sensitive seat or an infrared beam that is broken by the upper half of the body) so that when the loo patron sits on the throne, the roll of toilet paper is moved closer on a telescoping arm.
PotatoStew, Dec 16 2000

       What about a swivel loo? This would allow righties or lefties to reorient the loo to give easiest access to the loo roll and it would enable loos to be made height-adjustable as well.
hippo, Dec 21 2000

       Have you never been in a bathroom (loo?!) with the toilet paper on both walls of the cubicle? It not only is non discriminitory, but it also causes fewer moments of "oh s***" when there's no more paper. I think they're pretty basic.
DreamGoddess, Feb 02 2001

       I don't think I have.
notexactly, Mar 28 2019


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