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Looking Glass Ties

I can see my house from here.
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I detest wearing a tie.
I'll do it, but if the tie only had some practical function other than hanging oneself, it would go a long way towards me not minding so much when I do have to wear one.

Picture a slightly conical slinky.
It can be extended and retracted yes, it can also be made to lay almost flat.
A flattened out slinky sewn into the large end of a necktie with a lens at either end would allow the wearer to loosen the tie, undo the clip which keeps the innards and lenses flattened, and have a camouflaged spyglass at their disposal.

I spy with my little tie...


       Inspired by a Beatles track, methinks?
Cosh i Pi, Jun 17 2007

Plasticine porters of the world rejoice!

       slinky? <runs down the stairs>   

       a tie is a metaphor for something or other...
po, Jun 17 2007

       aye-tie matey +
xandram, Jun 18 2007

       Yeah, but if you look through the spyglass for too long you'll end up with kaleidoscope eyes.   

       <mmmm - marshmallow pies - mmmm>   

       a pie is a metaphor for somethng or other...
Canuck, Jun 20 2007

       Are you thinking of fish-and-finger pie, perhaps?
Cosh i Pi, Jun 20 2007


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