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perishable paper tie

the most inconspicuous place is out in the open
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ever find yourself without paper right when you're on the phone with an unexpected call? run out of napkins just when you've finished up that plate of spaghetti and meatballs? get tomato sauce on your tie at an important buisness lunch? or maybe your out in the bush and forgot to take some toilet paper along. the disposable memo tie will solve all that and more! printed with a fashionable pattern to look like an ordinary tie, and placed right there in full frontal, no-one would suspect that it is merely a pad of that cheap yet invaluable stuff we have all grown to know and love - paper. now you can jot down that number or wipe your face at the end of a meal and simple tear away that layer of paper leaving a fresh and respectable facade behind.
Stella66, Jan 25 2003

Paper's not the problem http://absoluteties.com/penandpapnec.html
...I can never find something to write with. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


my face your, Jan 25 2003

       I like this idea. [+]
linguist, Jan 25 2003

       Brilliant. What a great first idea. Welcome to bakery, Stella. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Jan 25 2003

       striped, soft and absorbent
hippo, Jan 25 2003

       no kipper bones here +1
po, Jan 25 2003

       Make them from yellow lined legal pads or yellow Post-It Notepads for a fresh variation on the "Power Tie" of the 1980's.
jurist, Jan 25 2003

       I love the idea of Post-It ties all over my pc. +
oneoffdave, Jan 25 2003

       It doesn't matter how broke I get, I am always able to afford 3-ply. (+)   

       // handmade by ancient, master craftsmen in Japan. //   

       Hmm, could it have a sharpened edge, Like Odd-Job's bowler in "Goldfinger" ?   

       I like this idea. (+)
8th of 7, Jan 25 2003

       This was somewhat baked on Sienfeld. Kramer proposed a tie dispenser.
ImBack, Jan 25 2003

       First idea post, 2.5 croissants. How often has *that* happened?
RayfordSteele, Jan 26 2003

       A first idea post with spelling errors - 2.5 croissants. How often has *that* happened?
FarmerJohn, Jan 26 2003

       How could you tie this thing?
waugsqueke, Jan 26 2003

       stella66 meet johng - a match made in heavenlybread
po, Jan 27 2003

       If you were properly dressed, you would have a handkerchief in your breast pocket, ready for any emergency.
DrCurry, Jan 27 2003

       ...and the disguised biro tie-pin.
hippo, Jan 28 2003

       it just wouldn't be as fun to wipe your face with a proper handkerchief. using your tie as a napkin, or even to light your cigar with, is just so much more extravagant. besides, i predict that whoever wears a disposable tie would also carry a fake handkerchief, one of those that's sewed into the pocket. we're not talking high fashion here.
Stella66, Jan 28 2003

       and the tie-pen is the best idea iv'e heard since the piano-key neck-tie.
Stella66, Jan 28 2003

       I would fear a breeze fanning out my ties and blowing a few in my face. Plus then the cardboard back would show, with it's "Out of ties? Please order more." printed down the front.
mgangemi, Jan 28 2003

       Welcome Stella, nice idea.   

       I'm peeved that hippo beat me to the tie pen add on.   

       These ties would probably have to be of the elastic backed variety otherwise they'd most likely rip when you were trying to tie/untie them.   

       They'd be handy for grocery shopping also, as long as you wrote the list upside down.
madradish, Jan 28 2003

       That ideas like this were reduced to such paltry numbers of votes is one of the greatest shames of the crash. [+]
hidden truths, Jul 09 2005

       [+] I can envision these ties packaged in rolls which then serve as tie dispensers. Put them next to the loaner jackets at fancy restaurants, or in the bathroom for gents who have spilled something on their regular ties.
swimswim, Mar 12 2010

       Does it need to stop at ties? I would go for all paper clothes! Except for my vicuna wool undies, of course.
bungston, Mar 12 2010


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