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Necktie Knot’s a Naughty Noggin

robotic, cravat comedian
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Yes, hanging out under your chuckling chin is this clever and elegant tie spouting under-the-belt, knee-slapping humor. Available in a wide range of patterns and hues, the off-color joking necktie is topped not with a knot but a silicon face with five expressions and six mouth movements to realistically lip-sync wit such as, “Hey, have you heard the one about the traveling salesman, the farmer’s daughter and the corncob? Well, you see this…”

You can also choose among three skin tones and four English accents when you order this conversation piece, perfect for the single guy on lonely evenings or blind dates. When switched on, every 15 minutes and upon 5 seconds of silence, the cyber clothes comic will tie you up with one of 2000 stored, hilarious, adult jokes.

The executive model features a comedy routine with the naughty noggin necktie wearing its own tiny, naughty noggin necktie to serve as straight man, or knot.

FarmerJohn, Dec 30 2004

(?) sketch http://www.geocitie...naughtynoggin.html?
[FarmerJohn, Dec 30 2004]


       This is like the old "Talking Moose" program on the Macintosh. What fun to make a portable version!
phundug, Dec 30 2004

       //with one of 2000 stored, hilarious, adult jokes.   

       The executive model features // a sexual harassment lawsuit!
contracts, Dec 30 2004

       This necktie should somehow be able to read the wearer's facial expressions, and then mimic these expressions itself. When you laugh at an important person's joke, your tie will appear as though he is in on the big laugh. When you frown at a child, your tie will strengthen and validate your indignation. And when you kiss your spouse after a hard day at work, your tie will make a cheeky but adorable attempt to move in on your turf.
spiritualized, Dec 30 2004

       great but I must confess, I might punch the knot senseless.
po, Dec 30 2004

       Agreed. There is always the worry of your tie becoming more popular than you are.
spiritualized, Dec 30 2004

       Is this a "loud tie" pun...?   

       Anyway, I get enought competition from my ties without them talking.
DrCurry, Dec 30 2004

       Am picturing a clip on attachment that flips the bird.   

       If this knot was piezoelectric, I could 'teach' it to talk.
reensure, Dec 31 2004


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