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Low Rent 23/7 Internet Cafe

Better than the cheaper and pricier alternatives.
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Better than the cheaper and pricier alternatives.

Public library: Free, but time limits in use duration and when in the day they are available. Cast off computers mostly the same.

Starbucks or UPS store = coffee purchase or $25 an hour charge and when in the day they are available.

Instead anywhere the rent is relatively low ( like In an industrial park or unused church building perhaps) you set a space up with 30 or so fish anchor computers. Donations of computers accepted in lieu of fees so the quality of the equipment will rise a bit over time. The machines are side by side on long tables so you can run as many as you want at a time, say two or three. A pile of chairs is in the corner if you don't like the chair near the computer you wish to use.

A sign over each computer lists it's capabilities and what it is hooked to. Empty tables with good light and seating for laptop and Ipod users. Some typewriters, drafting equipment, light table available for small changes done faster manually.

Large plotter and 3d printer of some vintage hooked to particular computers. Some gaming computers, but also periods of say 3 hours set aside as quiet time.

A turnstile charges a small minimum entry fee (25 cents ?) to keep the homeless from crashing there long term.

23/7 - The 1 hour out of 24 the place is closed is used to reboot everything, clean minimally. And get the crazies to go home.

An auction system per computer and per time slot sets the fees. last weeks fees will do unless this weeks auction results are more than 10 per cent different. if the place is not full of users the fees would be very low on most of the equipment. Still if two parties need the machine with the 3D printer the fees could soar on just that one, even if the rest of the place is a ghost town.

A large variety of hardware, and operating systems and set ups would make it a good place to test software in the "Real World". Bump rights would also be auctioned. So you can say: "Excuse me. We need to test on this exact machine. You'll need to find another place to play."

Users who help other users get fees refunded for the time spent. Certain trusted users can volunteer to man the soda and snacks bar, during the hours the owner is sleeping or planned elsewhere.

Want good coffee? Stop at the Starbucks before you arrive or you'll be drinking the industrial brew again.

added 7/22( If you add rooms, doors, condoms you may have a viable business, But not what I was aiming for. Like they say in the link it would be more of a low rent love hotel.) 7/22(The daily reboot would blow away a lot of casual virus s. Might be wise to isolate computers not using internet, from the rest. A lot of experience in making and killing viruses would walk through the doors.)

popbottle, Jul 21 2014

Takarajima 24 http://tokyocheapo....e-that-really-isnt/
[not_morrison_rm, Jul 22 2014]

Snow depth, 365 days a year, even in midsummer..... http://www.jma.go.j....html?elementCode=4
[not_morrison_rm, Jul 22 2014]


       Erm, Japan already has these, except without the "Large plotter and 3d printer". See link.   

       Takarajima 24 do a 23 hour slot, changed since the article was written...thought about living there for a while, but 3 times the cost of cheap and nasty current guesthouse...hold and cold running cockroaches etc
not_morrison_rm, Jul 22 2014

       Did I mention the 24/7 postings of snow depth by the Japanese Met office...seeing as it's 32 degrees right now...there are those who might think it...a little superfluous...link.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 22 2014

       I shudder to think of the viruses.
RayfordSteele, Jul 22 2014


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