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Lunch Theater

Lunch Theater performances for the working public.
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You are feeling unenergetic, tired and its only lunch time. So you head out to a new restaurant Theater, you enter the door, sit in your preassigned seat, where hot lunch is waiting for you, five minutes later after everyone is seated, the show begins, today its 30 mins Cirque-de-Solei acrobatic performance. After a wonderful show you go back to work entertained and full, plus it all fits within your one hour lunchtime. Can't wait to see the new show next month. The restaurant has 3 shows during lunctime, and lunch is always included. Tickets can be bought online.
romanmar, Nov 30 2004

Lunch Lectures http://www.moma.org/events/adult/
A bit different, but in the same vein. Lunch Lectures have been provided by museums, libraries, colleges and civic organizations for ages. Most encourage you to brown-bag your own lunch. Bring a flask of martinis and enjoy the cold glares. [jurist, Dec 01 2004, last modified Dec 02 2004]

Lunch Time Theater in Phoenix http://www.herberge...nchtimePerformances
Legitimate lunchtime theater, but bring your own lunch or pre-order a box lunch from their caterer. Rotten tomatoes are probably best left at home. [jurist, Dec 01 2004, last modified Dec 02 2004]

Lunchtime Theatre, at my local. http://www.glasgoww...mor/theatreprog.php
this exact idea but recast for the Working Man of Glasgow by holding it in a pub. [calum, Dec 01 2004]

Lunchtime Pipe Organ Recitals, right by my office http://www.edinburg....php?article_id=357
[calum, Dec 02 2004]


       Just as long as its cheaper than Mideval Times. Sheesh.
Letsbuildafort, Nov 30 2004

       This would be an excellent outlet for short films as well.
Eugene, Dec 01 2004

       [+], but please, don't talk during the show.
contracts, Dec 01 2004

       [jurist] beat me to the link. I always meant to do that when I worked downtown just a couple of blocks from the Herberger.
half, Dec 01 2004

       Wow, that link is nifty. May have to check that out.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 01 2004

       Widely baked. I'll try to find a link for Bewleys Theatre Cafe in Dublin. I used to direct play readings at lunch time in Queen's University Belfast. Also the Abbey Theatre in Dublin have just finished a series of lunch time play readings for their centenary year.   

       Anyway, although it's baked, it should happen much more often, its a very relaxed way to see work and good for taking your mind of the pile of paper on your desk.   

       Bun for posting a theatre idea [+]
etherman, Dec 01 2004

       Kings Head is a well known theatre pub in Islington, pretty sure they do lots of lunchtime stuff.
etherman, Dec 01 2004

       i thought this would be a new type of menu where the food entertains you while you eat it. Sort of a new way to 'play with your food'
elfling, Dec 01 2004

       [calum]: I can't believe that I've missed Dave Anderson - in a pub at lunchtime.
Jinbish, Dec 01 2004

       Well, I suppose even you can't be in more than one pub at once.
calum, Dec 01 2004

       sounds like it could be nice to see short little one act plays, like "sorry wrong number" during lunchtime, or even operetas, like "Cox and Box" or "Trial by Jury". you get the bun.
-wess, Dec 01 2004

       [sp] Medieval
harderthanjesus, Dec 02 2004

       Movies! Pah. If you want to eat dinner and watch movies stay in your living room. This is about the shared experience of the live event. The spectacle of a unique performance created just for you. Real talent and creativity in perfect symbiosis in the same room as you. The smell of the greasepaint!!! ok enough, you get the gist.
etherman, Dec 02 2004

       This isn't just baked, it's baked up the wazoo all over the world.
calum, Dec 02 2004

       anyways its good to have some food to throw!
po, Dec 02 2004

       so that was you! (wipes custrad pie remnants from doublet and baldrick.)
etherman, Dec 02 2004

       [etherman] - sad to report that Bewley's is closing due to the exorbitant rent on it's premises. [+] for idea - not widely baked enough!
wagster, Dec 02 2004

       //even you can't be in more than one pub at once//
I did it once. One pub was owned by a fellow named Schrodinger, and the other by a chap named Heisenberg.
krelnik, Dec 02 2004

       How can you be so sure that you did it?
half, Dec 02 2004

       he means twice..or am I seeing double?
po, Dec 02 2004


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