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Monopoly Cult

the cult
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You sneak up to the door. You type in your passcode. The doors open and say 'welcome froglet [or insert name]'. You grin, you've waited all week to get a free afternoon for this. You walking in quietly, and see some of your friends. you wave at them. The game is on.

You're all wondering what I'm raving about, and what I'm raving about is...


The monopoly boards are set into the tables, covered in glass to avoid wrecking the boards, and the cards have some form of greaseproof paper made onto them, along with the money to avoid any unfortunant accidents with coffee and smoothies. When somebody needs to go, everyone leaves, puts their cards into a little drawer on the table, which is then locked with their little key, and they leave, and when they come back at a pre-determined time, they continue playing until all except one person goes bankrupt.

Membership for the monopoly bar should be paid on a monthly basis, and anyone of any age should be able to apply.

There could even be a billboard saying who is winning/losing at which table and so on.

This is all at a secret location and you have to be invited to become one of them.

froglet, Mar 11 2005


       Use actual currency and call it Realmonopoly.
mensmaximus, Mar 11 2005

       I'm not sure that this is new. See "Scrabble Cafe" above.
"What about a cafe where people get together, order coffee/sandwiches and play {insert board game of choice here}." Number of ideas = number of board games.
Just my opinion.
angel, Mar 11 2005

       C'mon, [froglet]! You post an idea, you get a response, then you totally change the idea? What's that about?
angel, Mar 11 2005

       Sorry, wasn't me. Thing about sharing a computer and the computer remembers who you log on as, anyone could have a little look. I suspect this was my sisters doing. I'll change it back.   

       [later] Actually, I quite like it, I'll congratulate whoever in my house changed it, not sure about the rest of the 'bakery, but I think I'll keep it this way...
froglet, Mar 12 2005

       Now *that is funny*!
skinflaps, Mar 12 2005

       The tokens should be assigned to members from the beginning, when they choose what sort they will play with. The pieces start as with cheap metal, but players can pay for more expensive avatars with their accumulated wealth. One may aspire, eventually, to employ the golden thimble or platinum car, to the envy of their lesser opponents.
Detly, Mar 12 2005

       Like rising to elder status in some weird cult?   

       '... And here comes the Monopoliser...' 'I shall buy Pentonville Road, Brother Angus...'
froglet, Mar 12 2005

       sp: unfortunante
sninctown, May 30 2006


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