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Mechanics Car Race

Participants may need to fix car before they can Start.
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Every entrant has two vehicles: one to race and one tow truck to allow repair.

500 laps The vehicle you drive changes by dice roll every 50 laps. Participants may gaff the cars in any three ways they see fit, but might end up driving their own vehicle if the dice roll that way. They must share two of the gaffs with the judges. They start the race using their own car and go 50 laps before the first dice roll.

More of a race about troubleshooting and fixing, but the mechanic must also drive and endure the speed and noise and tiredness of driving the 500 laps in the same weekend.


A variation with two mechanics and tow trucks allowed to tow a non working race car would be fun to. Picture truck and race car rolling round the track while a mechanic tries to fix it and hang on at the same time.

popbottle, Aug 24 2014

The 24 Hours of Lemons http://www.caranddr...s-of-lemons-feature
(not to be confused with The 24 Hours of Le Mons.) [Laughs Last, Aug 25 2014]


       Just how many times do they get the do the <sucking air in through teeth> "Oooh, that's gonna cost ya, I mean just to pull the head on one of these, well that's about an hour, then there's the parts..." bit?
not_morrison_rm, Aug 24 2014

       Junkyard Wars with dice.
normzone, Aug 24 2014

       I think there should be another rule: you can't pocket any parts.
Ling, Aug 24 2014

       Alternative: Each team starts with a pile of parts which may or may not be part of a car (ie. all of a car is there, but extra un-needed parts as well to complicate matters). Winner is the first to complete 10 laps. Will it be faster to just pick up the parts and run, build the minimum vehicle, or complete a whole car?
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 25 2014

       I assume one is required to tow the car _back_ to the nearest repair bay? Otherwise it would very quickly turn into the variation in practice ... [+]
gisho, Aug 25 2014

       I like the idea of excited Murray Walker-style commentary: ".... and. there. goes. an outstanding display of engine diagnostics via the OBD2 port"   

       Truth is there are SO many ways to mess up a car that would be impossible to diagnose in a day, I'd open up the ECU and draw a couple of pencil lines across a couple of the PCB tracks. Unless they could swap out the computer, they'd be screwed.
bs0u0155, Aug 25 2014

       I suspect this would end with a team of 'mechanics' who are burly men pushing the car in neutral.
RayfordSteele, Aug 26 2014


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