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Combines a Segway-like personal transportation device integrated into a roll along suitcas
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Here’s an idea I’ve gone so far as to try to find a Chinese company to manufacture - no luck yet. It looks like standard roll along suitcase. However, from the back of this suitcase folds down a small standing platform at the rear of which is mounted a trailing caster wheel. The front two wheels at the bottom of the suitcase are individually powered and a thumb toggle switch in the center of the top of the telescoping handle controls the differential steering. With a range of 12 miles at just over a walking pace - why tow your luggage when it can carry you? Running late and just missed your ride to the train station? No sweat – literally, Scooter Luggage can save the day! Other than airport security questioning the battery, motor, and wires – how could this lose?
whozwat, Nov 08 2007

Similar to this? http://gadgets.fosf...e/the-suitcase-car/
I first saw it on TV years (>10) ago [neutrinos_shadow, Nov 08 2007]

Suitcase bicycle http://www.youtube....watch?v=m1UdayeFaLo
[MisterQED, Nov 09 2007]

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       Baked, it's a bicycle. I'll go find a link.
MisterQED, Nov 09 2007

       How well do you think this would hold up to being thrown around by airport luggage handlers?
37PiecesOf Flair, Nov 09 2007


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