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Movie theatre/dance club

Transforming movie theaters/dance clubs
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I was watching a movie on TV.. the credits were rolling.. and i had just turned down a trance MP3 on my computer and let the movie's score take over. Then it hit me.. the greatest idea ever.. yes, better than the wheel..


OK, so it's not better than the wheel.

Anyway, young people like myself have nothing better to do than to waste one's life in a movie theater or in a dance club. Both areas are colorful, exciting, and have booming audio. Plus everyone's having a good time.

Movie theaters are huge, have a great speaker setup. There's your dancefloor and music. All of the seats could be on platforms that are hydraulically lifted out of the way or sunk into the floor. Then the dancing commences. Heck, movies that end with dancey tunes in the credits could just roll on as the dancing begins. lol

Movies typically end at midnight. That's the last show. Dancing typically begins at midnight. That's the beginning of the night. Lighting equipment could lower from the ceiling. Want a drink? Head to the concession stand. Yup, happy water served there now.

I'm not seriously saying that people would "go to the movie, stay for the dancing", but that movie theatre owners could quickly overrun the clubbing industry by doing this. They have the property. They aren't doing anything with them after midnight. Use them. You have the same targeted audience. A ton of the people are there with their dates, friends.

So.. as Timo Maas would say.. "What goes around, just comes around, this is the sound, it's time to get down!"

go77, Aug 04 2002


       Downside: The cost is passed on to the non-dancing consumer, who is already paying exorbitant ticket prices
thumbwax, Aug 04 2002

       A lot of the newer theaters are designed to take advantage of small amounts of space. Thus there is a reduced space between the seats and the screen. There is little open floor space. I think this idea would be great fun but the practical issues complicate things a little... I'm neutral. And in my area, movies are shown all the way until 2 in the morning.
polartomato, Aug 05 2002

       Whilst cinemas are mostly very large, the problem of there being a lot of chairs taking up this space and it being rather slanted, if not a set of steps. Nice concept though. Even if it isn't quite the wheel.
hidden truths, Oct 03 2005

       Thumb - this should provide cost savings, not increases, as overheads are now split. Chairs are a real problem though.
wagster, Oct 03 2005

       They'd have to sweep out the popcorn and hotdog crumbs first, plus dancing on coke-soaked carpet is very unpleasant.
coprocephalous, Oct 03 2005


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