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Movie Intermission

for those silly previews
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I hate getting to the theatre and having to sit through 30 minutes of previews (literally). I usually show up 20 minutes after the scheduled time of the movie so that I miss them, but generally can’t get a very good seat. So, when wanting to get a good seat, I have to sit through mind-numbing dribble.

Why can’t movie theatres show previews as an intermission. In the last home stretch of a movie I’m pretty much out of popcorn and snow caps and I need a good stretch. The theatre would get a lot more cash flow at their concessions and I’d think that about half the people wouldn’t leave the screen room and would see the previews (and get some hype behind their upcoming flicks).

SuiGenerisKitten, Nov 20 2005


       There's a lot of pressure on US cinemas to curtail their pre-show ads, and some have begun to do so, or actually start the film at the advertised time.
DrCurry, Nov 20 2005

       Yeah, I know that is done in much of Europe... but this idea does allow them to gain money in their concessions and still get their previews out. If they were curtailed, they wouldn't be seen (or atleast not by anyone I know).
SuiGenerisKitten, Nov 20 2005

       I actually kinda like seeing the best bits of a bunch of new movies, as an added bonus to seeing the film.   

       I'd like an intermission in the middle of long movies, though...I missed 5min of LOTR III because I had to pee...
sninctown, Nov 21 2005


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