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Mother-in-law profile

More information on online dating websites
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[Idea circulated at my lunch table today]

Online dating websites should have an area where you describe your mother, in addition to your descriptions of yourself. This enables potential responders to evaluate the prospects/dangers of dating you, and ultimately possibly marrying you, with greater detail.

Leave this section blank at your own risk, as viewers may assume the worst...

(Sorry if this topic is offensive in any way: I realize fathers-in-law may be bad also, I just stuck with the mother-in-law cliche in this post.)

phundug, Nov 24 2006

In that neighborhood Relationship_20references
[normzone, Nov 25 2006]


       One of the hallmarks of a successful long-term relationship is where both partners have cut their ties to their parents as children, then reopened them from within the relationship, as a committed couple.   

       In fact, most of the divorces I've seen recently came about because or both partners failed to do this.   

       So if someone is requiring you to get along with their parents as a prerequisite, run the other way fast. (The parents should be respecting their child's choice and getting along with *you*, to clarify.)
DrCurry, Nov 24 2006

       My grandmother always told me, you can tell by the amount of respect a man gives his mother, if he's worth dating. Like [boysparks] said, what you say/write about others reveals more about you than it would the other people. Very wise.
Alysonwonderland, Nov 25 2006


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