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Mucus augmentation

Prevent disease!
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Mucus. It helps us. The flow of mucus and secretions over our tender membranes washes away viruses and the like before they can get a toehold. Plus those secretions are full of virus fighting natural molecules which we think have names beginning with the letter k, or possibly c, and l.

Clearly, mucus mutants, people with dry eyes and the likes suffer for their lack. But could mucus be augmented to help further prevent disease? Consider an environment crowded with coughing, disease-ridden coworkers. Extra cleansing secretions will protect you! New CLEANSING WAVE from Bungco is adapted from existing procholinergic medicines for dry eyes and mouth, and intended to make you make more. Yes you will snort, blow and weep as though you had caught something already, but you will be safe, feel great and work hard!

bungston, Mar 09 2012

Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation http://www.sjogrens...entific-initiatives
Making people more moist since... [DIYMatt, Mar 10 2012]


       Some foods tend to increase mucous production. Cow milk is one, I think.
Vernon, Mar 10 2012

       A lot of work is being done to create this. Do you have a specific formula?
DIYMatt, Mar 10 2012

       Cheaper: huff Raid.
mouseposture, Mar 10 2012

       /A lot of work is being done to create this./ You mean that you perceive the BUNGCO engineers to be hardworking and diligent, and that the creation of this product seems very labor intensive? Or do you mean you know that BUNGCO has competition in this endeavor, and the competition is working hard?   

       Re formula: we will adapt from existing procholinergic medicines / war gases / insecticides or possibly a gamiche of the above, depending on the market.   

       But DIY - if real people with money at stake think that this is a good idea and are working on it I would love to know more; please link.
bungston, Mar 10 2012

       Canine mucus has antiseptic properties not unlike those suggested here. Proportionally fewer diseases are transmissable via mucal contact both between canines and between canines and humans than via human-to-human. This truth has given rise to the quasi-myth that 'a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's'. This would be truer if dogs had cleaner appetites.
Alterother, Mar 10 2012

       I found a link. It's not for mucus production per se, but it does involve helping people with dry eyes and mouths. Restasis is an example of a drug meant to increase tear production.
DIYMatt, Mar 10 2012


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