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no-one escapes tainted
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My previous idea; Piss-infectant (linked) was brilliant - I thought, and many of you thought so too. cheers

Mist-infectant is the newer approach to leaving public toilets free of malevolence. But this differs from the first idea in that it doesnt only give people the option of leaving a public toilet with clean hands, but it doesn't give people the option of leaving with filthy hands.

Previously there was a disinfectant gel dispenser outside the main door of the toilets whereby people take a squirt when they leave.

In mist-infectant there's a type of sanitizer mist, incorporated this into the handle of the door. As you push the door-handle down it automatically sectreets the disinfective mist from a discreet nozzle by the handle handle right onto your waiting hand. As you walk off you perform the rubbing together of the hands motion, and simply rid yourself of evil once again.

The reason mist is used in this idea is two-fold. One, because the handle of the door would get greasy and sludgy if gel was continuously splodged onto it, and two because some people could escape sterile departure.

The mist, is designed to cover the entire surrounding area of the handle, and as its alcohol based it evapourates soon after its secretion. So not only does it sterilize near-by hands, but also the handle itself... over and over again.

The mechanism operates like a bottle of perfume, or non-aeresol deo, in that everytime it's pushed down it secreets a generous dose of mist-infectant, and it reloads as the handle returns to its standby position. This could similarly be done using proximity sensors that some of the modern washrooms boast in the sinks and soap dispensers, but this is just an added cost, and only really recommended for the more uptown establishments.

Mist-infectant comes in a 1,000-spray slightly-pressurised cartrage which is inserted through the side of the door by the janitor when supplies are low. Industrial sized 5,000 and 10,000 spreay cartrages are available on request for more busy toilets such as airports & train stations.


shinobi, Oct 02 2005

Piss-infectant Piss-infectant
Idea number 1 [shinobi, Oct 02 2005]

Zep Meter Mist Air Sanitizer http://www.zep.com/...r+Mist&pageNumber=1
Zep is a major chemical and cleaning supply source in the US. The Meter Mist is a battery-operated wall-mounted device that dispenses an aerosol mist at metered intervals. Various aerosol products are available, including scented deodorizers, insect repellants, and antibacterial air sanitizers, as shown in this link. [jurist, Oct 03 2005]


       You do understand that "-infectants" are, by definition, not good things, right? They are viruses, contaminants or corruptions. So you've labelled your product a mist-contaminant. That doesn't seem like good marketing to me. The pun just does not convey.   

       Also, ask yourself what "sectreets", "non-aerosol deo" and "cartrage" add to your concept. Are they local idioms? Or just misspelled nonsense?
jurist, Oct 02 2005

       waht are yuo an engilsh teahcer (jurist) or jsut raelly anal abuot perfcet spleling?
shinobi, Oct 02 2005

       Neither, actually. I just enjoy a good idea that is well-presented, the same way I appreciate professionalism, artistry and craftsmanship in any other endeavor.
jurist, Oct 02 2005

       fair enough...each to their own then
shinobi, Oct 02 2005

       //...each to their own // ah, another opportunity for pedantry, this is my lucky day...   

       The use of "their" in place of his or her, or his/her, or just his, (from the day of politically uncorrectness), is another annoyance; but I am working very hard at not reacting to this. I hear it on the news, in speeches, even in classrooms.But I guess ...each of them has their reasons.
dentworth, Oct 02 2005

       "Rid yourself of evil"? "Malevolence"? Whatever you're dealing with seems to be more at home in a video game or horror movie than in an actual bathroom!   

       One doesn't have to be a teacher to notice bad spelling. Everybody but you has to read your text to learn what's in your head. (You already know what's in your head! We don't.) Have you ever been on a phone call with a really noisy line, or a cell phone that kept breaking up? It's really annoying, and no fun to have a long conversation with - it's like that.
jutta, Oct 02 2005

       Why not have bathrooms with no doors. The ones with doors I dont use the handles, I use my foot to push open the door open.
Antegrity, Oct 03 2005

       Yes but then people will take a piss in the pool.   

       Seeing as how pretty much every bathroom door I've ever seen opens outwards, I usually just use [Antegrity]'s method.
hidden truths, Oct 03 2005

       /Seeing as how pretty much every bathroom door I've ever seen opens outwards/   

       Not in this fucked up country. We aim for maximum piss-handedness.
Texticle, Oct 05 2005


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