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Liquid Geography

A personal virtual world
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Imagine a browser that presents you with a 3D world to wander through, but it creates a world based on what it has learnt you like. As you leave your virtual 'home' your imediate v-neighbourhood would be made of the shops you visit most, the resources you have most frequently used, your favorite place for entertainment or maby a park in which like minded fellow wanders would meet to chat. But as you wander further you start to find new places that the software considers you might like. Each users world would be unique but co-existant.
JellyHead, Dec 27 2002

Or try this http://www.terrafly.com/
[Marassa, Oct 04 2004]


       I can't let you do that, Dave
thumbwax, Dec 27 2002

       Alternatively, switch of your computer, visit the shops then go on a trip. Oooh, the cynicism.
kpx, Dec 27 2002

       I'll try.
JellyHead, Dec 29 2002

       seriously awesome idea.   

       inputting your suggestion preferences would be like setting the rules of your own random universe.   

       future immersive VR systems will probably be like this. it sounds like heaven on earth... or in the computer... or where ever
mclinton, Apr 09 2009

       The virtual world, in my opinion, would be better used to make a real hole in the sphere of what you know and like to find real change/difference.   

       A clever perspective should be able to supply you with things you don't like/don't understand, in a way you like them(green eggs and ham).
wjt, Apr 09 2009


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