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MBT Resting Parks

resting places for those wearing MBTs
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MBTs are a type of shoe, the initials of which stand for Masai Barefoot Technology. (see link for more details) The short version is that they are shoes whose soles are curved up at both the heel and toe end, so that walking in them induces a form of exercise.

The net effect is the foot never falls flat on the ground, so that the wearer is constantly countering the tendency to rock backwards and forwards if they try to stand still.

This can now be countered by MBT Resting Parks.

These are hollowed out areas in allocated areas of the pavement, whose negative shapes correspond to the different sizes and contours of MBT shoes.

Wearers of these shoes can thus stand still for a while, share stories with other MBT walkers and generally pass a few moments with their feet on an even keel.

xenzag, Sep 08 2008

MBT http://sunsetbirken....com/brands/mbt.jpg
[xenzag, Sep 08 2008]

MBT website http://www.swissmasaius.com/
comprehensive information on MBT shoe range [xenzag, Sep 08 2008]


       Weebles wobble but they can't sit still?   

       How do the Masai deal with this apparent pedal deformity?   

       Escallators must be harrowing.
phoenix, Sep 08 2008

       and an area for spikey heels and those 70's monstrosities: "Roots" and platform shoes.
FlyingToaster, Sep 08 2008

       I think they are more sophisticated than the old 'Roots' shoes... read a little more about them on wiki.
xenzag, Sep 08 2008

       I suspect the Masai would find this offensive. Why not put a 35 gallon jug of water on your head; you could honestly call that a Masai hat and it would be great exercise as well as induce excellent posture and core strength.
WcW, Sep 08 2008

       // I suspect the Masai would find this offensive// - well I suspect the exact opposite. In fact I'm certain that they would be proud to have their name associated with the MBT concept.
xenzag, Sep 08 2008

       Reminds me of a parody of a Birkenstock ad that I saw in a National Lampoon magazine in the seventies.   

       "Earth Tires" were square. "Look at the tracks your car leaves. It wants it's tire to have optimal contact with the ground at all times"
normzone, Sep 08 2008

       How can you be so confident? Do they wear these shoes? I find the whole concept of trying to keep people healthy by hobbling them somewhat horrifying. Tribal people can rarely afford manufactured shoes and seem to prefer comfortable effective and pragmatic foot cladding, frequently of the bare variety.
WcW, Sep 08 2008

       I think you're missing the point [WcW] I the idea is not about the shoes, but countering and providing respite from them........dhuuuuu. I actually think they are rediculous, hence the idea of resting sites for people wearing them...thought that was a bit obvious.
xenzag, Sep 09 2008

       wow. i feel like such a dupe. I'll crank the cynicism up another notch. So this is more of a social commentary than an idea in the typical sense? Are there many like this? Is it possible that my anno's naively represent an extension of that cometary? blushing.
WcW, Sep 09 2008

       //I'm certain that they would be proud to have their name associated//
Unless they have convex feet, I imagine they'd be thinking "huh ?" or possibly "lawsuit".
FlyingToaster, Sep 09 2008


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