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Fidgeting Style-ettos

animated high heel shoes
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Fidgeting Style-ettos are high-heeled shoes with a difference, and this becomes apparent when viewing the modified heel. Normally this is a single column that elevates the heel of the shoe and therefore the foot, but in the Fidgeting Style-etto, the single support has been replaced by a pair of legs.

Purchasers my choose from a range of legs, both male and female. The legs may also be clad in stockings or left bare, and since each leg terminates in another shoe, these also afford the opportunity for even more customising and individuality.

The shoes behave normally when used for simple walking actions, but should the wearer be presented with a situation where they must remain in one place for a long time, they can be switched over to "fidget" mode.

This causes a concealed motor to alternatively flex and relax the supporting legs at the knees. The result is a gentle rocking of the foot that is transmitted up the legs and into the hips of the wearer.

see link for illustration (female bare legged version)

xenzag, Apr 20 2007

Style-ettos http://web.mac.com/...er/Style-ettos.html
patent red leather female version [xenzag, Apr 20 2007]


       Cool, a pair of gloves whereas the fingers are replaced with arms to go with these? [+]
skinflaps, Apr 20 2007

       Opportunities for a bit of repetition on the smaller set of heels, and so on.
calum, Apr 20 2007

       I like the design, but anything that has heels move in random ways is likely to encounter serious implementation problems. (If the thing inadvertently kicks in while walking, as it were, you'll have a bunch of broken ankle lawsuits on your hands.)
DrCurry, Apr 20 2007

       And bunions for all! Flann O'Brien would be proud of this idea. +
pigtails_and_ponies, Apr 20 2007


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