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MTV: Real World WEM

Real World: West Edmonton Mallrats
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The next installment of the popular MTV's Real World Series in which seven people are chosen to live together for 4 months as wandering mallrats at the world's largest mall West Edmonton Mall. Their lives are turned upside down and the drama unfolds as they are forced to scavage for food at the food courts, sleep in hidden hallways, sneak into movie theaters and hang out for endless hours and days in the mall with nothing to do and without every going outside or leaving the mall.
Huge, Dec 10 2002

West Edmonton Mall http://www.westedma...m/home/homepage.asp
"It's the only mall of its kind - both a shopper's dream and a world of excitement and adventure." Ugh. [my face your, Oct 04 2004]

MTV: Real World http://www.mtv.com/onair/realworld/
[Huge, Oct 04 2004]


       I think this is kind of baked in the concept we call "homelessness". Like the phrase "wandering mallrats" though.
sild, Dec 10 2002

       yawn. fishbone.
Marassa, Dec 10 2002

       I don't know. Your idea will have some pretty stiff competition -- my "Real World: Down a well" and "Real World: Locked in a wardrobe with a badger" proposals are in the producers' hands even now.
Monkfish, Dec 10 2002

       This doesn't seem to me to be a bad idea as reality tv goes. Might even be entertaining.
bristolz, Dec 10 2002

       Turn it to radio.
skinflaps, Dec 10 2002

       I like the radio idea.
bristolz, Dec 10 2002

       Yes, it could be interesting. One down side would the producers would have to deal with the general public in the mall, for instance you'd have to get releases from people to show them on TV, or blur them.   

       One up side would be all sorts of opportunities for product placement and advertising tie-ins. Line up Sears as a sponsor, and you could have a whole episode take place in the Sears store.
krelnik, Dec 10 2002

       The West Edmonton Mall has 3 hotels, so it's not exactly going to be a hardship to stay there 24 hours a day.
kropotkin, Dec 11 2002

       Are you from Edmonton huge?, kropotkin?
thecat, May 07 2003


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