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Ma Baker's

Jutta's song
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I saw an idea about sending Jutta croissants today, and what I thought was, she really needs a song.

And then it came to me, a memory of the golden 80s (70s, more likely).

And a song that was supposed to be about Ma Barker, but was named (as well as pronounced) by the band as Ma Baker.

And the name of the band, paradoxically, was Boney M.

So without further ado, Ma Baker:

She was the coolest cat
of Internet domains
She was the coolest cat
A formidable brain

Ma ma ma ma - ma baker - she taught us croissants
Ma ma ma ma - ma baker - idiots and savants
Ma ma ma ma - ma baker - she marked for delete
Ma ma ma ma - ma baker - those buns are so sweet

theircompetitor, Apr 19 2005

Lyrics to Boney M's song http://www.lyricsfr...boney-m./22495.html
[theircompetitor, Apr 19 2005]


       Although I can't speak for [jutta], I can guess that tributes like this make her cringe.
bristolz, Apr 19 2005

       Seems harsh, [bristolz]. The category is here after all.
theircompetitor, Apr 19 2005

       I heard that Boney M didn't sing or play anything. All performed by session musicians and singers. Urban legend? Seems believable.
Ling, Apr 19 2005

       What the world needs now is another folk singer.
disbomber, Apr 19 2005


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