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Modern Minor Baking Individual

Apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan
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I am the very model of a baking individual
My concepts range from comical, unusual to whimsical
I’m quite adept at cons and prose, and I’m pedant, it is true,
From witty puns and allusion, to satire and a well aimed spoof.

I’m very good at fancy dances; I can Judo Tango too,
I often hit my favorite bar and bring my drinking bud: voodoo
I can make a bold statement with hair in shape of favorite fruit
And set it off quite jauntily with my personal lightning rod suit

I try to think of clever things that will not ever net me bones
Like panic pins and tails for all or even those flocking road cones.
I’m sometimes proud to be in such a hierarchical progeny
From drbob, to unabub to po and bliss and Bristol “z”

You see in matters flighty, odd or downright unpredictable,
I am the very model of a baking individual

ato_de, Apr 05 2004

Judo Tango http://www.halfbake...m/idea/judo_20tango
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

voodoo drinking buddy http://www.halfbake..._20Drinking_20Buddy
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

make a fruit statement http://www.halfbake...20fruit_20statement
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

personal lightning rod suit http://www.halfbake...htning_20rod_20suit
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

panic pin http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Panic_20PIN
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

tails for all http://www.halfbake...a/Tails_20For_20All
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

flocking road cones http://www.halfbake...king_20Road_20Cones
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

drbob http://www.halfbakery.com/user/DrBob
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

unabubba http://www.halfbakery.com/user/UnaBubba
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

po http://www.halfbakery.com/user/po
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

blissmiss http://www.halfbakery.com/user/blissmiss
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]

bristolz http://www.halfbakery.com/user/bristolz
[ato_de, Oct 04 2004]


       How long did it take to write all those links? +
ghillie, Apr 05 2004

       I should fishbone you for getting that song stuck in my head.
Worldgineer, Apr 05 2004

       Sorry, but I have to say - , because that song is from Pirates of Penzance, not HMS Pinafore, and because your words don't fit the tune properly. As you might guess, I'm a little picky about the works of WSG and SIr Arthur.
Katisha, Apr 06 2004

       pinafore... pinafive... whatever works.
ato_de, Apr 06 2004

       *sniff* Ata boy, [ato-de]. I taught him everything he knows! *sniff*
k_sra, Apr 07 2004

       Pretty lame when bakery songs are starting to be reruns. You guys need new material.
waugsqueke, Apr 07 2004

       I enjoyed this Toady
The Kat, Apr 08 2004


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