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Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be 'Bakers

appologies to Waylon Jennings
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Bakers ain't easy to love and they're harder to know
They'd rather accumulate buns than diamonds or gold.
Custard-Filled Speed Bumps and Crois' Patterned Knickers,
And RiotGear_ForRioters.com
If you just don't get it, they won't clue you in,
they just do their thing with aplomb

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Bakers
Don't let 'em spend hours just googlin' for stuff
Make 'em go outside and play with an orb.
Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Bakers,
'Cus they'll stay there at home with their nose in a tome,
Looking for new ways to zorb,

Bakers like Lego-Shaped Ice Molds and Charming “The Snake”
Hullaballons and Toys that can go Run and Hide
Them that don't get it will bone it, and them that do,
Sometimes won't know how to take it.
They ain't wrong they're just different and their pride wont let them
Do things the way you think is right.

Mamas, please let your babies grow up to be Bakers
Please let 'em spend hours just dreaming up stuff
then going outside to make it blow up.
Mamas, please let your babies grow up to be Bakers,
'Cus they'll spend all their time time in a frenzy sublime,
creating inventions divine,

ato_de, Jun 18 2005

Custard-Filled Speed Bumps Custard-Filled_20Speed_20Bumps
riposte [ato_de, Jun 18 2005]

criossant -patterned knickers croissant-patterned_20knickers
lewisgirl [ato_de, Jun 18 2005]

RiotGear_forRioters.com RiotGear_5fForRioters_2ecom
10clock [ato_de, Jun 18 2005]

Lego-shaped Ice Mold Lego-shaped_20Ice_20Mold
trekbody [ato_de, Jun 18 2005]

Charming "The Snake" Charming_20_22The_20Snake_22
Shz [ato_de, Jun 18 2005]

Hullaballoon Hullaballoon
bristolz [ato_de, Jun 18 2005]

Toy that Runs and Hides Toy_20that_20Runs_20and_20Hides
st3f [ato_de, Jun 18 2005]

Waylon Jennings Home Page http://www.waylon.com/
[ato_de, Jun 18 2005]


       Bakerdom. So... self-depricating at times, with an underlying sense of intellectual pride. Hmmm, yes. That's the ticket. Martini's for us, tonight, Marty?   

       A'er yoo go, Johnny, fill'er up with that whisky one more time. And turn dat 'baker song up. I got no woman, and I'm gonna kill my boss when I leave this bar, but that song sure makes everthin' feel alright...   

       Did he say he's gonna kill his boss, Johnny?   

       Now now, Betsy, run along, Ol' shooter here ain't got no gun since the state took his badge, Big puppydog's just lettin' soome steam out. Go ask them straightcoat's whad'er havin', I'm goin to the pisser...
daseva, Jun 18 2005

       as am still new, this sure is true.
Tanned Black, Mar 17 2006


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