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Morning Half-baking

With apologies, not primarily to Cat Stevens (though I will give old Yusef credit for popularizing the lovely ditty), but to the eucharistic hymnal from which he lifted it.
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Morning half-baking, I'm a new baker
I have ideas no one has heard
Perpetual motion, salt from the ocean
Car bumper scroll light spells out a word

Someone named jutta keeps changing my titles
Capital letters? What's wrong with him?
And who's Unabubba? He seems like trouble
Why did he bone my self-powered gym?

Mine is the shake light, mine is the GM pet
And wouldn't it be nice if we all had wings?
I'm just a newbie - don't m-f-d me
And my recreations of well-baked things

I never google, or read the help file
What does it mean, though? "More jam and bees"?
Praise my bad science, praise for my magic
Praise redundancy fresh from my brain

globaltourniquet, Jan 28 2008

For "noobs" Bee-Releasing Jam-Filled Banjo Leg
Even after reading this, it is doubful it will make any sense. [theleopard, Jan 29 2008]


       loved Cat's. love this.
po, Jan 28 2008

       Server is broken, Halfbakery's down
Old-timers remember the Great Crash of '04
So many fishbones, so many croissants
Now lost in time, like tears in the rain

Ideas about bottoms, ideas about toilets
bodily fluids, something called "Pole Pants"
all these rubbish ideas, from so many people
except those of one guy: The master is [benfrost]
hippo, Jan 29 2008

       Original words written by Eleanor Farjeon and set to the tune of an old Gaelic Christmas carol. The piano on Cat's version was arranged by Rick Wakeman.
angel, Jan 29 2008

       sp. "The Wizard Rick Wakeman".
calum, Jan 29 2008

       [global] has spoken /
Like the first bard
phundug, Jan 29 2008

       1234-5, 6789-10.
1234-5, 6789-10.
zen_tom, Jan 29 2008


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