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Mad Beats on Demand

Automated electronica creation
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How about a software program that creates your favorite style electronica music? Basically have something that takes a list of samples (eg a subject sample -- something from a movie or something, and a pile of instrument samples), and some information about how to compose good electronica (how to make texture, how to do beats, etc), and composes them together somewhat randomly into a new, unique song.
amadeus, Jul 21 2000

BunsenHoneydew's link as a link. http://www.sseyo.co...oanpro/details.html
[StarChaser, Sep 07 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       You mean *people* actually make that stuff? I thought it was all algorithmic -- haven't heard anything remotely original since Kraftwerk, anyway.
rmutt, Sep 27 2000

       Not only do the "make" it, they even "perform" it. Into the Abyss with these Uberfrauds-that's all programming in the late late 20th. Can, Faust, Soft Machine, Kraftwerk-now those guys could at least cook a meal with their pranks.
thumbwax, Sep 28 2000

       Of course there's always the 'composers' of music for the porn industry- but they don't count, do they?
BigThor, Oct 12 2000

       In the end, currently, it is people that do the hard work of combining and composing lines, and mixing the whole thing together. This idea I envision something completely automated, with a continuous and entertaining stream of music that would be unique every time.
amadeus, Jan 06 2001

       Baked: <Please use the 'Link' feature. Link moved. -- StarChaser>
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 07 2002

       Bunsen, please use the link feature.
BinaryCookies, Sep 07 2002


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