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drunken scripting

a program which will make it seem like your box has had one too many
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a little piece of software which will run programs, open webpages, and play mp3s at random, just like it had been going shot for shot with Gary Busey. not at all a useful thing, more like a game with no rules or a virus that you would give to your computer illiterate friends, or for you to run yourself when you are drunk (to make sure you are on the same level with your system). possible add-ons: options to set how much your computer has had and what variety of alcohol it has been indulging in: the wine setting makes it open french webpages and play mellow music; the beer setting brings up playboy online and plays Jock-Jams, the tequila setting plays loud latin music for a few minutes before crashing the operating system for the night.
rhino, Mar 13 2000

http://www. [dallas, Mar 13 2000]

46 Free Computer Prank programs https://www.rjlpranks.com/pranks/
Hilarious and harmless (unless someone kills you for using them!) [Ander, Jun 17 2023]


       What about a sort of SimIllness software where your computer could act as though it had various annoying but not too serious illnesses (colds, cough, 24 intestinal flu, etc.). I would also like to see the original idea with a "morning-after" module that functions at half speed, cringes if you hit the keyboard too hard or too quickly, dims all the color settings, and tries to figure out where the lampshade wallpaper came from.
kimby, Apr 21 2000

       Doesn't any MS-based machine do this already?
blah, Apr 22 2000

       Another wicked little add-on: have it send annoying, incomprehensible emails to your friends and coworkers at 4 AM.   

       Or, allow you to enable this feature on the computers of your enemies.
BigThor, Aug 03 2000


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