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Net Worth Thermometer

Application that keeps up with one's net worth
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(Couldn't find the right category. Shouldn't there be a [computer: Applications] category?

So, this is an app that keeps track of one's income, investments, property, and spending and related activity to show current and historic net worth at a glance.

Would automatically integrate bank accounts, investment news, real estate ups and downs, taxes and current credit and debit card spending, etc.

Might encourage saving, or informed choices about what one can afford.

csea, Apr 19 2013

GnuCash http://www.gnucash.org/
[swimswim, Apr 19 2013]

(?) Mint.com www.mint.com
Does (all of?) what you describe. But I like to imagine a literal floating thermometer [sninctown, Apr 23 2013]


       Mine reads absolute zero.   

       Idea utilizes a useful metaphor; insulating yourself through savings and against inflation. Although more significant would be an outside temperature thermometer similar to consumer price index, and inflation rate. No matter what one's personal wealth thermometer reads it should be important to know how 'cold' it is outside, meaning how fast your 'heat' will be leeched.
rcarty, Apr 19 2013

       Some personal accounting software (e.g. GnuCash <link>) can do much of this.
swimswim, Apr 19 2013

       [swim^2], thanks, and yes, that's a good part of it, but I don't see that it includes appreciation / decline of real estate, etc.
csea, Apr 20 2013

       //Mine reads absolute zero.   

       Ditto that. But, I am rich in experience.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 20 2013

       My memory is poor.
rcarty, Apr 20 2013

       Sa...sa-vings. I've heard of those, I think.   

       I have a photograph of a £10 note I look at wistfully, from time to time.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2013

       //I have a photograph of a £10 note I look at wistfully, from time to time.//   

       I have a bundle of £10 notes specially imported each month to light my Cuban cigars. I used to use twenties, but the economy has hit all of us fairly hard, I'm afraid, so it was either that or switch to *gag* Dominicans. And while the Dominicans were substantially cheaper, it's awfully hard to get them to stand still long enough while on fire to get my cigar lit properly.
ytk, Apr 21 2013

       Thanks for the gags!   

       If y'all are sufficiently wealthy to afford Internet connectivity, you might still benefit.   

       [ytk] Gags aside, you might quit smoking; the savings ...   

       Was hoping for comments from our truly wealthy posters, e.g. [MB], but I suppose he has someone responsible for directing someone to perform this function.
csea, Apr 21 2013

       I was told MB only posts on here as part of some tax avoidance scheme.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 26 2013


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