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USB Pop-O-Matic

Easy, Fun Random Number Generator
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So, this would look and behave like a Pop-O-Matic, but the bottom of the thing would have a sensor that could read the die/dice placed inside and determine the numbers. It could be made large enough to accommodate different numbers and types of dice. Every time you push it, it sends data to your PC with the resulting numbers. EDIT: It could also have a feature where the computer can send a signal to make the device "pop", so it could do its own "rolls". It could connect in other ways besides a USB cable, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, now. We must crawl before we can walk!

Could be useful for various things, but I had it in mind as an aid for any sort of game where chance is a main component. It's hard not to feel like computers are terrible at randomness, and this would probably make people feel more secure in the knowledge that a game isn't rigged. Could also be useful for crypto and other boring, stupid things.

I've heard of people hooking up lava lamps and so forth, but this seems like it would have better market penetration, and would be a lot cheaper to make and ship.

See the link for a description of the original Pop-O-Matic.

Size_Mick, Mar 04 2019

Pop-O-Matic Description https://en.wikipedi...oard_game)#Gameplay
Read the Gameplay section [Size_Mick, Mar 04 2019]




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