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Metaphor/simile generator

Tool for writers, toy for the rest of us
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Build up a database of keywords, and associate the keywords with adjectives that apply to them. So then, when anyone wants to use a metaphor or simile (I suppose this would work for other literary devices), all they would have to do would be to enter the attributes they were looking for and the program would spit out a list of appropriate uses.
Qinopio, Apr 19 2002

{oneof:You are standing in a http://www.kanga.nu...1999Q1/msg00177.php
|This room is a} great "+ "hall{oneof:full of|bustling with|jam packed with|crowded "+ ... [thumbwax, Aug 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

The Surrealist Compliment Generator http://www.madsci.o...ap/~lynn/jardin/SCG
[ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 06 2005]

(?) Idea Fisher http://store.ideafi...com/howitworks.html
"Over 65,000 unique words and phrases, colloquialisms and thoughts are referenced in well over 1,000,000 enlightening combinations to help you discover ideas that would rarely appear in normal "linear" thought patterns." the primary purpose of IdeaFisher is to list idea-generating Metaphoric Associations. For example, the word red (meaning color) is listed with cardinal (bird); apple; blood; fire; red curb; blush; angry; Red cross; and red-eye flight; etc. ( IdeaFisher has nearly 700 metaphoric associations listed with red alone. Also, IdeaFisher has continuous "loops" throughout all of it's 65,000 word database. For example, red ~ fire ~ forest fire ~ forest ~ tree ~ spotted owl ~ bird ~ fly ~ red-eye flight, etc., etc. IdeaFisher has millions of these virtually unlimited associational combinations. [robinism, Jan 08 2005]

Dog www.dog.com
Cats are evil [theGmana, Jun 17 2009]


       But they would all be someone else's uses.
phoenix, Apr 19 2002

       The result might prove poor, like an Armenian church mouse.
FarmerJohn, Apr 22 2002

       massed produced creativity is like catching a lightning bolt in a bucket
po, Apr 22 2002

       Even better?   

       [Forget it.] I'll have to come up with a thought generator.
DaSauce, Jan 06 2005

       now There's a link that would be usefull for a newbakey.
Susan, Jan 08 2005


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