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pizza trampoline wrestling

better than mud
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A big trampoline made up with sauce and cheese where the wrestlers do their wrestling and lick up when they are done.

(around the trampoline, on the floor, are giant loaves of bread in case someone slips off, to cushion the fall)

xandram, Nov 05 2010

get ready!! http://1.bp.blogspo...s-largest-pizza.jpg
[xandram, Nov 05 2010]

and for pepperoni pasties... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasties
[xandram, Nov 09 2010]


       Bun for the thought of pro wrestlers trying to stay focused wrestling in boiling hot cheese... [+]
Grogster, Nov 05 2010

       I'm wondering what the ring card girls will be dressed in - Olive bikinis?
normzone, Nov 05 2010

       [Grogster] The cheese doesn't have to be boiling hot...this was just a silly idea I got from seeing the *World's Largest Pizza* and thinking what it could be used for. I do really like [norm]'s idea though as clothing made of food is very edible!!
xandram, Nov 06 2010

       yum, disgustingly gooey and good. +
blissmiss, Nov 06 2010

       [normzone], I imagine it would be more popular for the wrestlers to wear olive bikinis.
DrWorm, Nov 07 2010

       //olive bikinis// There's a hebrew word, k'zait, literally "like an olive" meaning the minimum quantity of something required to qualify as being that thing, under Jewish religious law. So an olive bikini would be the smallest possible bikini, just barely big enough to qualify as a bikini at all.
mouseposture, Nov 07 2010

       Resists urge to photoshop Pizza the Hutt accepting a gold medal...barely   

       No boiling hot cheese then, [xandram]? That's OK... and, by the way, you can keep my bun anyway. My buns get rather crusty unless they're both hot and fresh, so as a rule I seldom take 'em back...
Grogster, Nov 07 2010

       // giant loaves of bread //   

       Garlic bread, yum ...   

8th of 7, Nov 07 2010

       [mouseposture] thanks for the tidbit of Hebrew knowledge! I like that!
So pepperoni bikinis would conjure up a different image??
xandram, Nov 08 2010

       //conjure up a different image// I duwanna go there. To make a pepperoni pizza, first you take a long, sausage- shaped errm ... sausage. Then you take a knife and ... you see?
mouseposture, Nov 08 2010

       Thankfully, no.
8th of 7, Nov 09 2010

       ...yes, but the little circles of pepperoni fit quite nicely as pasties...
xandram, Nov 09 2010


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