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Magazine Delivery

Deliver Multiple Magazine Subscriptions on CD/DVD
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I find that all the magazines I subscribe to are using all my available space, but I dont want throw them out because, occasionally, I re-read them. I want to start a service that individuals could subscribe to multiple magazines, and have all the magazines delivered to them in PDF format on one CD or DVD, allowing them to read or print relevant sections, while minimizing the wasted paper ..probably baked, if so, can someone tell me where? ..if not, any tips on how to proceed?
senatorjam, Jun 17 2002


       Baked. PC Pro and PC Advisor already offer back-issues on CD-ROM and DVD, many computing magazines do also.
[ sctld ], Jun 17 2002

       pondering on the possibility that magazines might become obsolete ever; wouldn't doctors' surgeries become unbelievably awful? for amusement you would have to read other peoples faces and try to guess what they had come in for. you would actually have to look at that snotty grizzly child. you would have to avoid the stares of everyone else.... it would take all the pleasure out of being ill.
po, Jun 17 2002

       [sctld] Im talking about ONE cd with ALL (or most) of the mags you subscribe to. And if you like your paper magazines, thats ok, I don't want to make those obsolete. Just give me a choice. Also, they "should" be cheaper, since the publisher doesn't have to pick up the production costs per magazine. (I subscribe to about 21 different monthly publications)
senatorjam, Jun 17 2002

       You subscribe to too much free time.   

       It would need to be the newsagent who would do the 'publishing', getting each mag on disk and then burning to cd. This would drive costs up due to the co-ordination of it all and the wasted time.
[ sctld ], Jun 17 2002

       But you can't read them in the bath, on the toilet or swinging in your garden hammock with a long cold drink in one hand and an eccles cake in your right.
IvanIdea, Jun 18 2002

       who holds the magazine for you, Ivanhoe?
po, Jun 18 2002

       Its propped up on my knees halfpint.
IvanIdea, Jun 18 2002

       I bring my PDA to the doctor's office, and read my Avantgo sites.
waugsqueke, Jun 18 2002

       Some magazines (e.g. New Scientist) allow you to access their archive as part of the usual subscription fee. If other publications followed suit, you could access all the content you wanted online and, if you wanted, archive whatever bits of it you liked onto your hard drive/CD/whatever. This would cut out the delivery middleman too.
-alx, Jun 18 2002

       senatorjam, I like your idea. If A magazine like BW or Economist could produce the content on a DVD
1. Video for viewing on a TV (Interviews, Ads, News, Soaps)
2. Audio on the Run (CD Players) (News, Ads and Music)
3. Data for Computer (Articles, Business, etc.)
Carry this DVD along and use it where ever you like to. Use it on your home DVD player, Computer or your CD player.
concept, Sep 10 2003


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