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Magazine Page-Turning Ease

Get there efficiently.
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Simple problem, simple solution [neither of which is much]: When you open up a magazine [say Discover, as i just did], you flip through to get to the article pages, of which there are roughly five main ones. However, those completely pesky 'renew your subscription with this 3x5 card' cards are always there, stapled inbetween other pages, and so the magazine always opens to those pages. Stick those on the first pages of the main articles, there's roughly five anyways, and anyone that picks up the magazine will automatically be directed to the article front pages.

Subtle variation [since i hate those cards regardless and pull them out right away]: Just take the four first pages of articles, and use the 'cover page' material instead of the thin magazine paper material for them.. while flipping pages your fingers will always get stuck on those, taking you to the correct spot.

xercyn, Jun 07 2003

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       That is correct, sir. Wait, you're not a Sir.
thumbwax, Jun 07 2003

       Yeah, but then you're looking at the article and not the blow-in.   

       Those things really piss me off, too. Especially when I get them in magazines I subscribe to. If I'm already a subscriber, what are the odds I need a subscription card with every issue?
phoenix, Jun 07 2003

       ff, that will teach you not to make assumptions.
po, Jun 08 2003

       Knowledge of printing practices and gender assumptions go together how? I don't see the connection.   

       As to those cards, I don't think magazine publishers want them to lead you to something you want to read. That might distract you from looking at the card. As if anything could distract me from subscription offers...
snarfyguy, Jun 08 2003


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