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In Bed Book Support

For those who wanna keep on reading in bed...
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At the moment I'm reading 'House Of Leaves', a big and heavy book (especially the dutch translation, it's even bigger). A problem occurs when I want to read this book in bed. There's allways one side that's to heavey to keep up, and therefore you'll have to roll over to you other side to keep on reading. So that's why I suggest there should be Book Suport that keeps your book in the right position when reading in bed on your side.
BartJan, Sep 10 2001

Look here http://www.levenger...eader%27s+Table+Two
this'll work [mrthingy, Jan 18 2002]


       Or you could buy the book in the special edition which has text printed only on the even-numbered pages (or only the odd-numbered pages if you prefer to lie on your right hand side).This would make the book twice as big, but at least you'd be able to read it lying down.
hippo, Sep 10 2001

       Yes, UnaBubba, I know that, but I've never seen the on-the-side model...
BartJan, Sep 10 2001

       lie on your front.
lewisgirl, Sep 10 2001

       What? *My* front?
hippo, Sep 10 2001

       A stand for House of Leaves would have to be able to cope with rotation as well. I remember getting funny looks on the train as I was holding this big book at all kinds of weird angles reading all the annotations etc.
-alx, Sep 10 2001

       "My girlfriend always laughs when I'm having sex with her, no matter what she's reading." (Emo Phillips)
Mygo, Nov 03 2001

       Finally finished reading 'House Of Leaves'... on my side .... in bed... without a book support... after 3 months!   

       Anyway, I liked the book.
BartJan, Jan 03 2002

       My head is heavier than any book, what we need is a load bearing pillow!
uked, Jan 06 2002

       Reading in bed is meant to contribute to insomnia. Reading anywhere contributes to feelings of dissatisfaction, depression and psychosis.
pottedstu, Jan 07 2002

       The bunk bed that I had throughout my adolecent youth semi-bakes this idea. The occupant of the lower bunk had access to a 1/8" thick metal wire running the width of the mattress of the above bed. Seeing as how this wire provided adequate clearance, I could balance a book on the wire so that the spine rested on the underside of the 2nd-floor matress. Finished many a Robert Jordan book that way...   

       *sigh* I have to go re-bind my library AGAIN.
Lucky_Setzer, Jan 07 2002

       I disagree with you, pottestu! Reading before bedtime does not give you insomnia and may even cure temporary insomnia in some people.
wannalearn, Jan 18 2002

       pottestu! hehehehehehehe
po, Jan 18 2002


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