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Lamppost Detector

Reading without bleeding
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There are those who favour reading books while walking. Although this may be regarded as an admirably multitaskite activity in increasingly busy world, dangers abound. Should the book prove to be an entertaining or intellectually stimulating one, its serpentine seductions can all too easily lead the reader to forget his surroundings.

This poses no great problem when it is people he is passing, for most people of all classes are alert enough to recognise an impending collision, and take steps (literally) to avoid it.

Yet other objects, typically, choose to remain inconsiderately immobile. The most notorious of these menaces are the lampposts and telegraph poles found on many a street, although fire hydrants and other such obstacles are equally unyielding.

Therefore, for the safety and comfort of promenading perusers of paperbacks, we present our patented 'Lamppost Detector'. This small yet sufficient sonar device attaches to the spine of one's book (or to the brim of one's hat), and, upon detecting an object in one's path, alerts one to the danger with a clear, euphonious 'ping'.

No more need you suffer the cuts and bruises of reality's recalcitrance! Equip yourself with a Lamppost Detector and stroll forward in safety!

imaginality, Mar 15 2007

Poop-Looping Sidewalk Poop-Looping_20Sidewalk
Gratuitously linked [imaginality, Mar 15 2007]

Danger! High Voltage! Danger!_20High_20Voltage!
Use this idea as the basic platform to build Jimmy's GPS-based navigation system. [methinksnot, Mar 15 2007]

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       Is there a dog poo-erometer add on?
the dog's breakfast, Mar 15 2007

       I'm afraid not, [tdb]. Not to fear, though: if you're concerned about dog poo, I suggest you walk along routes where my 'Poop-Looping Sidewalks' (gratuitously linked) have been installed.
imaginality, Mar 15 2007

       Gratuitous link greatly gratifying!
the dog's breakfast, Mar 15 2007

       Rather than the euphonium, may I have a TENS unit that stimulates the nerves on one side so that my legs are directed to turn, thus avoiding the collision without interrupting my concentration? I probably wouldn't hear the ping anyway...   

       Some would say that the mild electric shock would be more disconcerting, but anyone who has been treated with a TENS unit will know that after a while, they really aren't that much of a distraction; one can easily sleep while the unit is on given the chance to become acustomed.   

       Adding a GPS Nav system could bring us to a book lovers paradise. Or at least to work on time instead of knee deep in the river.
James Newton, Mar 15 2007

       Jimbo, that sounds like a great application for one of [NotMarkFlynn]'s ideas. I'll gratuitously link it.
methinksnot, Mar 15 2007

       This is the one fear that has been keeping me back from buying a Segway (well.... actually not having the $5,000 to buy one also slows me down).
pathetic, Mar 17 2007

       Having been trained during my childhood, I would be likely to turn the page on hearing the ping.
FishFinger, Apr 25 2008

       I need a system that helps me navigate around 2-tonne chunks of metal that tend to come at me at 30mph while I'm crossing the road reading the paper.
wagster, Apr 25 2008


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