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No more need for addresses

Add 1 more character to the postcode to eliminate need for address
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They say the simplest ideas are the best.

A postcode presently refers to a set number of addresses. It hones the postman down to the last few buildings. (US people .. I think the zip-code works in the same way but I am not sure).

If we added 1 alpha-numeric to the end of each postcode -- people could OPTIONALLY not bother writing on packages the address at all. The postman would know exactly which physical address it is referring to.

Why, by businesses, are we being asked for a postcode then the first line of our address .. rather then simply a 1 character longer postcode that specifies me rather then my neighbour?

Of course whoever really wants to can continue dealing with specific addresses. I'd rather save the hassle and write 8 character postcode and that's it .. stamp on and post!

britboy, Feb 26 2004

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       In the case of US post office boxes, Zip + 4 does in fact specify a single address. For residences it usually narrows it down to you and about 6 to 10 of your neighbors.
krelnik, Feb 26 2004

       In the UK, the postcode was extended with two alphanumeric characters about 8 or so years ago. These characters, called the 'delivery point suffix', are used in conjunction with the postcode to uniquely identify every delivery point (including different flats/apartments at the same address).   

       In case any brits are wondering why they haven't seen these characters, they only appear in barcoded mail.
st3f, Feb 26 2004

       Add an additional "S" or "F" to indicate whether you want it delivered to the side door or front door.
phundug, Feb 26 2004

       [phundug], I laughed out loud: nice one.
Ling, Feb 26 2004

       This'd maybe make it easier on the old postie, but it would detract from the address the elegance or wonderful absurdity of some street names <link>. Also, some people like their street names - often they're regarded as having prestige because they live in a "posh" area.
saker, Feb 26 2004

       I like that there is redundancy built into the current system. But then, you do say it's only optional.   

       Another issue. Say my code is 1234567, and my neighbor is 1234568. If I subdivide my lot will my new second house be 1234567.5?
Worldgineer, Feb 26 2004

       Living in a brand new development, I have the opposite problem. No one knows the address and it doesn't come up on Mapquest, etc.   

       Deliveries are a big problem.
theircompetitor, Feb 26 2004

       I have a different take on this whole topic. The thing that identifies your address is the Geo code (latitude and longitude of your address). The address is one of the ways to get there. The geocode information is what the GPS satellite provides to your GPS system. This code is very unique to your mail box. It is even different for your front door. A combination of this Geo code and elevation will give a unique address. The map generation companies generally can locate an address using this Geo Code. The elevation will tell which floor you live on.   

       You can still have an address like the Street, Apt and City etc. But this is just a description for your Geocode+elevation.
concept, Feb 26 2004

       Now I'm tempted to write longitude and latitude on an envelope and mail it, just to see how the post office would handle it.
Worldgineer, Feb 26 2004

       Great Point!   

       The post offices will be equiped to translate the Lng/Lat to a street address. You could still write the address on the envelope.   

       Currently, the Zip Code or Zip+4 is not required for the postman to deliver your mail. It just makes the Job easier.
concept, Feb 26 2004

       //You could still write the address on the envelope.//
That wouldn't make my experiment very interesting.
Worldgineer, Feb 26 2004

       rather then using geocode you could just use phone
theircompetitor, Feb 26 2004

       All I have is a cell phone, and am getting a VoIP (can be moved anywhere there is an internet connection). Will the postal worker have to find me?
Worldgineer, Feb 26 2004


       OK. Where am I?
k_sra, Feb 26 2004

       Downstairs from your boss's monkey?
Worldgineer, Feb 26 2004

       Worldgineer: yes, see link
theircompetitor, Feb 26 2004

       (picturing postal truck chasing me through city streets on my way on a driving vacation to give me junk mail) Heh. Sounds like an expensive service.
Worldgineer, Feb 26 2004

       yes, [worldgineer], and getting served would have a whole new meaning as well :)
theircompetitor, Feb 26 2004

       Imagine the new meaning for DesRes. Living at 0-0'-00.0''N, 0-0'-00.0''E, for example. Strange places might suddenly become populated.
Ling, Feb 27 2004

       Hmmmm... I think this is already the case. I know I've put 71/SG6 3JP as the return address on packages, and it's also the way they mark bikes to link them to just one house. Also, I've had people write to me just using the house number and postcode as above.   

       Incidentally I don't live there anymore, before you all start writing me postcards...
Taika, Feb 27 2004

       I once got a postcard from my sister who just put:   

       <my name> <building name> Singapore   

       And I got it. Kinda makes one feel like Santa.
timbeau, Feb 27 2004

       // 53409N6547S321009375 OK. Where am I? //   

       Daytona Beach, FL... or somewhere in northern Mongolia.
waugsqueke, Feb 29 2004

bristolz, Feb 29 2004

       //Daytona Beach, FL... or somewhere in northern Mongolia//   

       Now I have to move again... <packs up khurims and del>
k_sra, Mar 01 2004

       I miss (the comments from) this idea. I'd really like to see addresses in GPS codes. Though it does make you appreciate the human factor of the pre-digital world. 487 1st Ave S, Seattle WA USA is so much easier to remember than 47.598418, -22.334223.
Worldgineer, Oct 14 2007

       [IT] I was thinking along those very lines; that email addresses should be usable instead of postal addresses and the correct current postal address retrieved by querying the mail server. Companies could just put down their domain name (or subdomain for a branch office) and sort their internal mail themselves.
vincevincevince, Oct 14 2007


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