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Pedal-Powered Slotcar Racing

The faster you pedal, the faster your slot car will go.
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Get 1) an old slotcar track, 2) a stationary exercise bike and 3) an alternator from a car (or some other rotation-to-electricity device). Link the alternator to the rear wheel of the exercise bike (directly, or via chain/belt drive), and connect the power from the alternator to the control inputs on the slotcar track. Connect one bike/alternator combo to each slot on the track. Then place your cars on the starting line, each racer hops on his/her bike. On the count of 3, start pedalling.

I'm sure there are some intermediate circuits to handle the AC/DC conversion and scaling the power appropriately, but it's not rocket science.

banksean, Feb 25 2003

SlotCar Garage http://www.slotcargarage.com/
[banksean, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Similar idea http://www.halfbake..._20Game_20Treadmill
[angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I want race stripes and flames on my bike.
skinflaps, Feb 25 2003

       Ha! Image of feverishly pedalling ten-year-olds. Croissant.
DrCurry, Feb 25 2003

       Ready - set – croissant... (+)
Shz, Feb 25 2003

       [reensure] I wonder how many votes an average baked idea gets before it is identified as baked.   

       Did it get to +6 croissants before you posted that link?
banksean, Feb 26 2003

       But it's basically the same idea as the exercise-machine-powered video game (linky).
angel, Feb 26 2003

       Sweet. I think that you should have the alternator runn of the wheel of the bike so it's not dependant on how fast you pedal, but how you shift and how much power you can generate. It's up to you what gear you want to be in. I'm in. +1
djjosh1200, Feb 26 2003


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